The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2985

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2985-Meanwhile, the mysterious words forming within the Resurrection Formation had grown much more evident. The words were made up of the deceased’s blood. Many must have already died since there were so many red words in the sky.

The monsters were being controlled and had been commanded to fight the cultivators that entered this world.

Thus, they fought with all their strength and caused destruction and damage to the surroundings.

As soon as Thea appeared, she quickly waved her hand. A few mysterious black words emerged from her palm and disintegrated into dark mist, submerging into the monsters’ bodies.

The monsters immediately stopped their attacks. Then, they temporarily regained consciousness and scanned their surroundings puzzledly.

‘Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?’

All these monsters were powerful and had achieved high cultivation attainments. Thus, they were capable of transforming into human forms.

After the monsters stopped fighting, the cultivators were finally relieved.

Thea walked over and explained the whole situation to the cultivators.

The cultivators immediately gained a clear picture of the situation.

Thea said, “Now, we must unite and head to the Sanctuary of Darkness to kill the mastermind. Otherwise, everyone will die.”


All cultivators and monsters shouted in response.

Then, Thea led the rescued people forward.

Along the way, she took action to end the battles that were taking place.

Gradually, the number of people following behind her increased.

Soon, there were hundreds of millions of powerhouses in the group.

Ten days later, Thea suddenly halted in her tracks. She turned to James solemnly and said, “I think it’s inappropriate to keep going on like this, James. This world is too big, and it’s impossible to save everyone in such a short time.”

James was relatively weak and powerless in the current situation.

He did absolutely nothing along the way.

James looked at Thea and asked, “Then, what do you suggest?”

Thea thought awhile and said, “The mastermind behind this is in the Sanctuary of Darkness. This disaster will be resolved as long as we can eliminate him. Let’s quickly find the Martial Reverend and his party and head to the Sanctuary of Darkness.”

James nodded and said, “Alright. You call the shots.”

Xainte immediately interjected, saying, “If that’s the case, I can activate our sect’s Secret Art to relay the message to my teacher.”

After speaking, she sat in a lotus position and raised her hand. She made a few gestures, and several symbols emerged.

At that moment, the Martial Reverend and some other powerhouses were fighting a group of powerhouses somewhere within the unknown world.

In the past few months, the Martial Reverend and other powerhouses had rescued many cultivators and killed a lot of monsters.

With numerous powerhouses working together, they easily took down many waves of monsters.

At that moment, the Paragon Sect’s Great Elder suddenly sensed a transmission from Xainte while fighting a Demonic Dragon. He immediately rushed to the Martial Reverend and said, “Sir, I’ve received news from Xainte.”

“Wait a minute. I need to kill these monsters first.”

The Martial Reverend ignored Xainte’s message.

He shouted, “Destroy all of them! Leave none of them behind!”

Soon, all the monsters were killed.

The cultivators immediately sat in lotus positions to treat their wounds.

During this period, the Martial Reverend rescued many cultivators. In total, he saved about a billion people.

The Martial Reverend approached the Great Elder and asked, “What did Xainte say?”

The Great Elder replied, “Xainte said we shouldn’t continue on like this. In short, rescuing everyone is impossible. The top priority is heading to the Sanctuary of Darkness to kill the mysterious mastermind. After we kill him, these monsters will be freed from his control, and our disaster will be resolved.”


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