The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4419

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4419-Thea smiled slightly upon hearing those words. “What exactly do you mean by that?”

Yemima decided not to beat around the bush. “Whether it is a precious item or a rare cultivation method, you can tell me what it is that you want. I’m sure I can give it to you too if it’s something from the Dooms.”

“Once you have what you want, leave Wyot. You don’t belong in his world. You’ll only hinder him on his path to becoming the number one cultivator in the Greater Realms.”

The smile on Thea’s face broadened.

“Aren’t you being a little too hasty? Wyot hasn’t even said anything to me yet. Anyhow, you have nothing to worry about. I am not interested in becoming Wyot Dalibor’s wife. The two of us are only seeing each other since we both have something that the other person wants. Our relationship is as simple as that.”

After hearing those words, Yemima stared at the lady before her for a long while. Then, she got up and left.

At the same time, James had arrived outside the formation set around the Cloud Race’s sanctuary.

James could undo the formation right away with his powers. However, he suspected that Xezal was probably monitoring

his actions while staying hidden somewhere nearby. He decided to put on an act and pretended as if he had failed to break the formation.

“Xezal, I know you are watching me right now! Come out now! I need your help to undo this formation!” James turned around and called out loud.

A dark figure slowly materialized beside him.

“Judging by the formation cast over the manor, you’re well- versed in creating and breaking formations. Moreover, I believe you have also studied some ancient formations before this. Breaking this formation here shouldn’t be an issue for you, right?”

James said smilingly, “You’re right. However, it’ll take quite some time for me to do it. You’re more experienced in formations and have more knowledge about cultivation methods compared to me. We can save time if you do it instead.”

After a short pause, Xezal began her attempt to break the formation.

James could sense that she had put up a time formation around her. While he waited outside for three months, Xezal spent a much longer time in the formation trying to figure out a suitable method to open it.

After three months, Xezal undid the time formation. She raised her hand, and a huge crack formed on the barrier the next instant.

“Thanks!” James gave a slight nod. Then, he entered the formation through the crack.

Xezal did not follow him into the formation and she remained standing at the same spot.

James had a strong sense of familiarity as he stepped foot into the formation once more.

‘Back then, I met Soren Plamen, the strongest cultivator from the Human Race, and learned about the Blithe

Omniscience for the very first time here. I wanted to obtain the Blithe Omniscience. Yet, Soren refused to believe me.

‘He wanted me to bring him the ten tokens and set him free. Then, he’d let me have the Blithe Omniscience.

‘At that time, the Ten Great Races were impressive, and powerful people that I could never imagine crossing paths with. However, in the blink of an eye, I’ve managed to climb up to their ranks in terms of powers and cultivation base.’ James thought.

As he recalled some of his past memories, James eventually arrived at the center of the formation.

Suddenly, a black palace appeared several hundred meters away from James. It seemed like the palace was built out of cryptic, ancient inscriptions. James could also sense an overwhelming aura coming from the palace. To his surprise, James found that he had no trouble dealing with the overpowering aura this time.

“Who’s there?”

A gruff, raspy voice could be heard coming from the black palace.

James bowed slightly. “Hello, Mr. Soren. I’m Wyot Dalibor, the Doom Race’s Great Elder.”

‘I have all ten tokens. If I release Soren now, it may be the solution to all of the Human Race’s problems. However, Xezal might still be secretly monitoring me even at this moment. If she goes all out to stop my plan, I may lose my chance to free Soren forever.

‘I need to be extra careful at a crucial moment like this.’ James concluded inwardly.


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