The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4458

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4458-Looking at Wyot, Youri nodded and said, “I’ll leave this to you. It doesn’t matter who does it. In the Human Race, only Soren and Thea are strong. With Carson’s ability, he can kill Thea. However, it will be hard for him to kill Soren.”

Carson was also an excellent prodigy.

He had the bloodline of both the Human Race and the Doom Race.

Thus, his soul had the aura of both races.

Nonetheless, when Carson was born, Wyot hid Carson’s Human Race’s bloodline and aura.

Currently, Carson only had the bloodline and aura of the Doom Race.

Thirty thousand epochs were not a long time for a powerhouse, but they were a long time for a living being.

Even though the years could not warrant a breakthrough for a powerhouse, a living being could grow.

Under Wyot and the Doom Race’s guidance, Carson entered the Eternal Boundless Supreme Path Rank within thirty thousand epochs.

He was powerful.

Without saying anything else, Wyot left the place.

At the top of the back mountain of Mount Doom, a man was sitting on a rock with his legs crossed. He wore a white robe and appeared handsome. He was surrounded by the inscriptions of the Greater Paths. He also exuded a powerful aura.


A ray of light landed, and a man emerged.

Upon sensing the appearance of a living being, the man in white stopped cultivating and withdrew his aura. Then, he stood up and greeted respectfully, “Father.”

Wyot nodded slightly in response to Carson.

“How’s your cultivation going?” Wyot asked.

Carson answered truthfully, “After I entered the Eternal Boundless Supreme Path Rank, the improvement of my power became slow.”

Wyot said, “You entered the Eternal Boundless Supreme Path Rank not too long ago. Take it slow. After entering the Boundless, your progress will slow. You need time. As time passes, you will grow stronger.”

“Thank you for your guidance.” Carson was respectful.

Wyot waved his hand and stopped Carson from speaking. He asked, “Do you know how your mother died?”

When Carson heard that, his expression turned dark. Clenching his fists, he answered, “She died in the hands of James of the Human Race. Thirty thousand epochs ago, James of the Human Race planned to lure all the powerhouses of the Greater Realms to the Cloud Universe. He cast a superformation in the Cloud Universe and killed many powerhouses, including my mother.”

Wyot nodded and said, “The Human Race is our sworn enemy. The Human Race is also our biggest obstacle to ruling the Greater Realms. Now, we plan on attacking the Human Race in the Sealed Realm. This time, you will lead an army and attack the Human Race.”

“What? Me?”

Carson was surprised. He said, “Father, there are so many powerhouses in the race. How can I lead the army? I can’t do it.”

Hearing that made Wyot’s expression darken. He shouted,” Why not? You should have confidence in yourself.”


Carson immediately nodded.

“Get ready. I’ll go and gather the army now. Three months later, you will lead the army to the Sealed Realm. I will follow along, but you’re responsible for everything.”

Wyot wanted to follow along because he was afraid of Carson meeting Soren.

Carson was not strong enough to face Soren.

Besides, he wanted to watch Carson kill James’ children. Only then could his hatred be relieved.

‘Yes. I’ll do as you say.” Carson nodded.

Wyot did not stay for long. He chose to leave, and soon, his body disappeared from the area.

In the next moment, he appeared in the forbidden area of the Doom Race, where Yemima was locked in.

No living beings were allowed to enter. Even the elders at the same rank as Yemima could not enter.

When Wyot appeared, the bodyguards guarding the place immediately knelt on the ground.


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