The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4459

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4459-“Greetings, Mr. Wyot.”

Wyot ignored the bodyguards kneeling on the ground. He opened the restriction seal and entered the prison.

The prison was underground. He walked toward the depth along the passageway. It was a winding passageway. The bottom of the passageway could not be seen.

Soon, Wyot arrived at the depth of the underground.

There was a prison cell in the depth. It was dark and humid, and in it was a lady sitting cross-legged.

The lady looked disheveled, but she was still beautiful. Even though she had been locked in prison for thirty thousand epochs, she still exuded a stunning aura.

Footsteps sounded.

Yemima opened her eyes slightly.

She looked at Wyot, who was standing outside her cell.

Wyot waved his hand and removed the restriction on the entrance. He walked over and sat on a chair that appeared behind him.

“Why are you here?” Yemima asked.

“I missed you,” answered Wyot.


At once, Yemima laughed.

“Wyot, stop your hypocrisy.”

Wyot was not angry at Yemima’s words. He only asked, “Am I a hypocrite? I loved you so much. After I married you, I respected your decisions. What about you?”

“What about me?”

Instantly, Yemima stood up.

She was agitated.

“He managed to trick the entire Doom Race, so how could I know what was real? According to our previous agreement, we were supposed to go on a honeymoon after we entered the Acme Rank. How could you blame me for what happened? You should blame yourself for being weak and falling into the hands of the Human Race. You also let the Human Race take the opportunity to enter our race as you. I was hurt, but you did not comfort me. Instead, you locked me in this dark place for such a long time,” shouted Yemima.


Wyot laughed at himself.

‘You need to be punished for making mistakes. By the way, I didn’t kill the son you gave birth to. I’m treating him well. I also raised him with care. Now, he’s already entered the Eternal Boundless Supreme Path Rank and has become a powerhouse. We will attack the Human Race soon. This time, he will lead the army and enter the Human Race.

James has two daughters and a son. I want your son to kill James’ children. I want James’ children to kill each other.”


Yemima was furious.

“What’s wrong? Are you upset?” Wyot’s expression became distorted.

‘You will be damned.” Yemima calmed down.


Wyot laughed again.

“I’ll be damned? So what? Even if the heavens go against me, I will destroy the heavens.”

Fiercely, he pointed at Yemima and said, ‘You said you loved me, but you gave your body to a human. You also gave birth to a child.”

Yemima no longer wanted to talk to Wyot. Sitting on the ground with her legs crossed, she began to rest.

Although she was not speaking, she felt hurt.

She thought Wyot would forgive her.

She thought that even if she made a mistake, Wyot would not pursue it. Sadly, she was wrong.

When she returned to the Doom Race and gave birth to Carson, she was locked in this place. She had never seen her child.


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