The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4465

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4465-James’ current strength was formidable, and he feared nothing. Though he could sense how much time had passed, he remained oblivious to the events that had unfolded during the thirty thousand epochs.

He activated the coffin, departing from that place. The next moment, he appeared in the Doom Universe where the Doom Race resided.

At the Apex Main Hall of the Doom’s Mount Chaos, Youri sat at the forefront, while below in the main hall, numerous powerhouses of the Doom Race, including Dolph, Qimat, and several elders, were present. Over the past thirty thousand epochs, the Dooms had made remarkable progress, giving birth to numerous powerhouses, and now there are twenty standing within the main hall.

“Sir Youri, will Carson encounter any unexpected situations during his expedition against the Human Race? The fact that the Human Race’s providence hasn’t weakened suggests they still have powerhouses protecting them,” Qimat expressed with a hint of concern.

Youri waved his hand casually, wearing a smile on his face.” There won’t be any unexpected occurrences with Wyot accompanying him. Wyot’s power is immeasurable, and he might even surpass me. Even Soren wouldn’t be a match for Wyot at Wyot’s peak strength.” Youri had great confidence in Wyot’s abilities.


Just then, a copper coffin descended from the sky outside the entrance of the Doom Race, crashing heavily onto the ground. The ground instantly cracked, and the rift spread like a spiderweb, rapidly extending in all directions. The appearance of the copper coffin instantly unleashed a dreadful destructive force, catching the attention of the Doom Race’s guards.

“It’s the Death Copper Coffin.”

“Quick, inform the rest.”

The Doom Race’s guards were utterly terrified upon seeing the coffin. This copper coffin had appeared thirty thousand epochs ago, and every time it surfaced, it appeared in perilous places, draining the energy from the surrounding area. Due to its mysterious nature of absorbing all kinds of energy, it earned the name “Death Copper Coffin”.


At that moment, numerous beams of light descended from the sky, revealing Youri and the other powerhouses of the race.

Observing the copper coffin outside the entrance, Youri’s expression turned dark, and he coldly shouted, “What the heck is this thing? This is the territory of the Dooms. Get out of here!”

As he shouted, he swung his hand, conjuring a powerful force that struck the copper coffin. James, inside the coffin, sensed everything outside and attempted to inquire about the current situation. However, his words could not be transmitted, and even the soundwaves failed to escape.

Faced with the formidable attack from Youri, James activated the copper coffin, causing it to soar into the air and spin rapidly. The immense power within the coffin transformed, resisting Youri’s force. Although it managed to withstand the impact, it was eventually knocked back.

Youri was equally surprised and forced to step back as well. His face turned dark and dreadful. He possessed the power of the Caelum Acme Rank. Coupled with the Omniscience Path’s Ninth Stage, he was invincible across the Greater Realms. Despite so, he found himself unable to do anything against the copper coffin.

The coffin remained suspended in the air outside the Dooms entrance, emanating mysterious colors and inscription sigils. James’ voice and sound waves could not reach the outside world, and he could not communicate with any living beings.

His eyes fell upon a guard nearby, and he had an idea.

Inside the copper coffin, a formidable power materialized. An unmatched force forcefully seized a Doom Race guard. A terrifying energy emanated from the copper coffin, directly extracting the memories from the guard.

Through these memories, James learned about the events of the past thirty thousand epochs, including the fact that Yemima had given birth to a son. Wyot had named him Carson Dalibor. Carson is James’ son.

Currently, Yemima was imprisoned in the Doom Race’s dungeon. Carson, along with the Doom Race army, was attacking the Human Race. Wyot wanted Carson to fight against James’ son.

The truth about Carson being James’ son was known only to the living beings of the Doom Race, and those from the outside world remained unaware of this fact. No one dared to reveal the truth to Carson due to the presence of Wyot in the Doom Race.

“Damn it!” James was infuriated inside the copper coffin. The coffin swiftly traversed through the void, departing from outside the entrance of the Doom Race.


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