The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4467

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4467-Beyond the Sealed Realm, in the Greater Realms’ territory, Soren and Wyot faced each other.

Soren felt the pressure from Wyot’s overbearing aura and said, “Wyot, I never imagined you would grow this quickly. You’ve gained such terrifying power in just thirty thousand epochs. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to kill me.”

“How would you know that I can’t kill you if I haven’t even tried yet?” Wyot remained composed. He vanished from where he stood as soon as he finished speaking.

In the next moment, Wyot re-appeared in front of Soren, launching a dreadful palm strike at him. However, Soren’s body mysteriously disappeared. Wyot’s palm struck the Chaotic Void, instantly causing it to shatter to pieces.

“The Blithe Omniscience is truly amazing,” Wyot said with a faint smile.

The Blithe Omniscience was the signature cultivation method that Youri had yearned for his entire life because he could not cultivate the Chaos Sacred Art. However, Wyot was different. He possessed the Thousand Paths Holy Body, which allowed him to cultivate the Chaos Sacred Art.

Even though the Grand Patriarch had initially given the Chaos Sacred Art to Wyout’s impostor, that version was merely incomplete. The original scripture had been kept hidden in the Chamber of Scriptures. Upon his return, he naturally retrieved it.

His cultivation base was sufficient for him to practice the Nine Voices of Chaos, and he was strong enough to wield them proficiently.

“I want to see whether the Blithe Omniscience is stronger than our race’s Chaos Sacred Art.”

Soren reappeared in the distant Chaotic Void, his body emitting a white halo that illuminated the murky surroundings.

“Soren, are you afraid to confront me directly?” Wyot asked mockingly.

“Hmph, I’m not afraid of you,” Soren snorted coldly, taking the initiative to attack. He disappeared from his original position in a flash and reappeared in front of Wyot in the next moment, thrusting a fist enveloped in white light.

Wyot’s lips curved slightly. In that instant, he struck out with his palm and thrust his palm forward. Fist and palm collided. Two incredibly powerful forces crashed into each other. The impact tore through the void, creating deep and boundless spatial rifts. The rifts continued to expand, forming Spatial Black Holes.

The devastating aftershock continued to spread, and the distant seal could not withstand the force, cracking and giving way. The seal disappeared, revealing dozens of universes in the Chaotic Void.

“Carson, attack!” Wyot immediately commanded. His thunderous voice reverberated through the Chaotic Void.

“Lead our army against the Human Race and obliterate the dozens of universes they created. Don’t spare a single soul in these universes, regardless of their race.”

From a distant region, Carson nodded in assent. Holding a spear high, he roared, “Warriors, heed my command!



The deafening sound echoed through the Chaotic Void, releasing terrifying soundwaves.

Meanwhile, Thea was activating the fusion of the universes. Sensing the momentary disappearance of the Sealing Formation, her expression changed slightly, and she immediately issued an order, “Prevent the Doom Race’s army from closing in. Don’t let them destroy our universes. Efforts from countless ages will go to waste if they succeed.”

Following Thea’s command, Winnie, Xainte, Jacopo, Noel, Jabari, Matthias, and Quiomars flew out to the Chaos, obstructing the Doom Race’s army.


Suddenly, a crack appeared in the void, and a copper coffin emerged from it. It floated between the two armies.


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