The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4468

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4468-Soren and Wyot traded blows. The shockwaves of their power spread out, directly shattering the seal. It exposed the universes inhabited by humans in the Chaos.

Even though Soren was in the middle of the Omniscience Path’s Ninth Stage, and his physical body was immortal, he still found it somewhat challenging to withstand the aftermath of resisting Wyot. His blood surged, and tiny cracks appeared on his skin.

He was invincible against anyone below the Terra Acme Rank. However, Wyot’s power had surpassed the Caelum Acme Rank, even though he had not officially become a Caelum Acmean yet.

Wyot’s appearance was in disarray. Gone was his previous composure. His hair was disheveled, and he had a fatigued expression. Both men circled each other in the Chaos. Neither in a hurry to act.

Meanwhile, Carson led the Doom Race’s army forward. Just then, some human Acmeans appeared, blocking his path.

As the two armies were about to clash, a copper coffin emerged from above, descending directly between the two armies. The copper coffin emitted an incredibly powerful aura, startling even Wyot and Soren.

‘What is this?”

The human powerhouses were all dumbfounded. Only the

Doom Race knew it was the Death Copper Coffin. It appeared about 30,000 epochs ago in various dangerous places across the Greater Realms, absorbing the energy of heaven and earth from those areas.

‘The Death Copper Coffin?”

‘Why is it here?”

Everyone from the Dooms had solemn expressions. For a moment, the atmosphere grew tense.

James spurred the copper coffin to appear, he could sense the situation here even though his voice could not reach them. He sensed the standoff between Soren and Wyot in the distance. He also recognized the Doom Race’s general, Carson.

Recalling the time he spent with the dooms, he learned that Carson was his and Yemima’s son. He also sensed Winnie, Xainte, Jacopo, Noel, and Jabari among those around him. He had never seen Noel before, but he could sense a familiarity between him and the man. From this, he deduced that Noel must be the son Thea bore to him.

He could also sense the distant region where the Human Universe was merging. It would take some time to fully fuse together. Powerhouses from across the Greater Realms also sensed the seal from the Sealed Realm breaking.

Although the Dooms had regained control over various major races, some powerhouses who were immune to their influence had arisen in the past 30,000 epochs. These powerhouses were aware of the resentment the Human

Race earned from the other races.

At this moment, countless powerhouses, including the ones from the Doom Race watched the area closely.

In the Doom Race’s main hall, Youri sat all the way in the front. Many of the Doom Race’s powerhouses were also present. In front of the main hall, a scene of the situation outside the Sealed Realm was projected.

“Soren not only regained his strength, but also progressed through the Omniscience Path. It seems Wyot might have a hard time dealing with him,” Youri’s expression was solemn as he spoke. “Also, how did humans raise so many Acmeans? We’ve been monitoring them all this time. How did they manage to conceal this fact from us? Also, why did this copper coffin appear on the battlefield?”

“Sir Youri,” Qimat said, “Should we send reinforcements? The human’s universes are already merging. If they complete the fusion, they will create a universe that’s at least as strong as the Primordial Realm. How can we oppose them then?”

Youri’s face scrunched in contemplation. His expression was heavy. i


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