The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4767

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4767-“T know him,” James nodded.

“Me too,” Wynton chimed in, smiling as he continued, “Speaking of which, Yardos, who was in the same cultivation rank, was once defeated by me.
He was one of my defeated foes.” “Braggart,” Waleria said, wearing a skeptical expression.
What kind of existence was Yardos Xagorari? He had already reached the Chaos Rank, and his status in the Endlos’ Nine Districts was extremely high.
Those who could defeat him could be counted on one hand.
“Whether you know him or not, we’ll find out when you meet him,” James did not explain much.
His eyes were spinning.
Now that he had already cultivated three sacred scrolls.
He was contemplating whether this journey to the Welkin District would provide an opportunity to test his luck by visiting Mount Azure.
He wondered if he could observe the sacred scroll of the Welkin District.
Once he had seen them, he would remember the inscriptions in the sacred scroll, and he could cultivate them.
Then, he would have mastered the Fourth Path Technique.
From there, he would be closer to the Ten Path Techniques, and closer to mastering the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art.
James’ eyes continued to spin, and Waleria immediately noticed, asking, “What scheme are you hatching in your mind again?” “Nothing,” James quickly responded, shaking his head.
“What could I possibly be planning?” Wynona had been on the airship for a long time, but James had been in seclusion all along.
She had not found the opportunity to inquire about teaching.
Now that she finally had the chance, she asked, “Master, may I ask what keeps you persevering in your cultivation and has brought you to your current level?” “Well…” James hesitated slightly.
These matters were better left unsaid, as revealing them would expose who he really was.
After a moment’s thought, he began to make up a story.
Something about aspiring to become a powerhouse and wanting to marry a celestial maiden.
He babbled on, and Wynona listened attentively.
Waleria knew James was making it up but could not be bothered to expose him.
She rolled her eyes and left.
After his little storytelling session, James took out the Aeternus Mantra and handed it to Saachi.
“What happened?” Saachi asked, slightly surprised.
James smiled and said, “I’ve already read the Aeternus Mantra.
It’s no longer useful to me, so I’m returning it to you.” “Oh, really?” Saachi became interested and asked, “My father once said that the Aeternus Mantra contains the ancient secret art of my race.
However, despite generations of my ancestors attempting to comprehend it, none have truly comprehended the contents.
What exactly is recorded in the Aeternus Mantra?” The Aeternus Mantra had been entrusted to her by her father before he passed away.
She had tried reading it several times, but she could not comprehend it.
Even if she could make out some inscriptions with great effort, understanding eluded her.
“Do you know that there is a sacred scroll in other districts?” James asked.
“Yes,” Saachi nodded, saying, “I’ve heard of them, but I don’t know the details.” The two of them began discussing the sacred scroll.
Meanwhile, Waleria reappeared after leaving earlier.
She sat to the side, wearing a curious expression, and looked at James as she asked, “ James, tell us the truth.
Did you really comprehend the Verde Power from the Verde Academy’s sacred scroll? And what about that power you used in your battle with Wynona, the one that fused with the Verde Power? What was it?” James glanced at Waleria and said, “I can tell you, but I’d like to wait for an opportunity to go to the Theos District with you and borrow Theos District’s sacred scroll for observation.” Upon hearing this, Waleria immediately lost her enthusiasm, deflating like a balloon.
She replied, “I can’t promise you that.
The Theos District’s sacred scroll is guarded by the Sect Leader, and I’ve never even seen them.
Besides, I’m not sure if I can persuade the Sect Leader to let you see it.” Upon hearing this, James did not press the matter further.
It seemed he would have to find an opportunity in the future to negotiate with the Theos District Lord and exchange other sacred scrolls for the ones from the Theos District.
James looked at Saachi, Waleria, as well as Wynona and Wynton, who were listening attentively.
He smiled and said, “In the Nine Districts, each district has a sacred scroll, and these sacred scrolls contain mysterious cultivation methods.
Each cultivation method can cultivate a completely new power.”


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