The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4779

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4779-“How should I put it?” After a short pause, James began, “Back when I had just started training, I managed to create a unique Ousia.

It looked just like a clone of me.

However, it did not possess the ability to carry or connect with my Zen.” “After that, the Ousia disappeared when I managed to get the paths integrated.

When I was trying to generate and decipher the formation just now, the Ousia of the Dark Path suddenly appeared once again.” The others felt even more confused after listening to James’ explanation.

Meanwhile, James checked the time and noticed that millions of years had passed since he had first encountered the Heavenly Tribulation.

“My injuries that were caused by the Heavenly Tribulation are quite severe.

I need to focus and treat them right away.

You guys should get us to the Aeternus District as soon as possible.” James went into his room after saying that, leaving the others with looks of bewilderment on their faces.

Inside his room, James put up a time formation before he began healing his injuries.

Whilst he worked on his treatment, James also tried to study the mysterious formation and the shadow-like figure hidden in the deepest recess of his mind.

“Oh, well.

Let’s continue with our journey then.” The airship started moving at Waleria’s command the next instant.

A few seconds later, the airship vanished and teleported to a new location millions of miles away.

Then, the ship sailed forward at a high speed.

A few million years passed as their airship headed for the Aeternus District.

Upon reaching their destination, Waleria carefully maneuvered the ship as they made their way to the central universe of the Aeternus District.

Soon afterward, they arrived outside the Aeternus District’s central universe.

Waleria went to James’ room and knocked on the door.

“James, you should come out now.

We’ve reached the Aeternus District.” After hearing the noise outside his door, James undid the time formation and came out of the room.

Waleria thought that James was looking much better than when she had last seen him.

“You have color in your cheeks now.

It seems you’re almost fully recovered.” James shook his head.

“I’m still far from achieving full recovery.

The injuries caused by the Heavenly Tribulation are no laughing matter.

Even now, I have yet to remove the marks left by the attacks from the Heavenly Path.” “I can’t sense any trace of the Heavenly Path from back then on you, though?” Waleria said.

“That’s because I’ve suppressed it.” After saying that, James stopped suppressing the residual powers of the Heavenly Path still lingering in his body.

Waleria felt the potency of that power almost instantly.

The lady even shrank back a little to avoid coming in contact with the malicious powers of the Heavenly Path.

James swiftly suppressed the powers of the Heavenly Path again.

Then, he walked toward the deck of the airship.

Everyone had gathered on the deck by the time James got there.

Saachi asked as soon as she spotted James.

“What should we do now, James?” James gazed at the universe before them.

“That’s the central universe of the Aeternus District?” Saachi nodded.


That is the Aeternus Universe, the central universe of the Aeternus District.

It was once a place where I called my home.

However, it was stolen away from me.

Other cultivators occupy it now.

Those people also killed off all my family members.” Acold, sinister light glinted in Saachi’s eyes as she recalled those past memories.

The inscriptions embedded deep in her eyes seemed to glow faintly at the moment.

“Tell us roughly what happened in the Aeternus District back then,” James prompted.

Saachi replied, “The person who murdered my father turned out to be one of his subordinates.

His name is Devin Hael.

“Devin has achieved the Quasi Chaos Rank.

The man ambushed and killed my father.

Then, he gained control over the territories that once belonged to my family.

Besides that, Devin managed to convince some of my father’s old subordinates to join his forces.

Since then, they have been trying to wipe out my father’s loyal followers.

I’ve gone into hiding since then as well.

“That’s all I know thus far.

It’s been a long time since I’ve returned here, so I’m not sure about the latest happenings in the Aeternus District too.”


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