The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4791

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4791-After an extended period of fighting, Saachi’s aura weakened. Her face was pale, her hair scattered, and she was covered with injuries.

However, Devin’s injuries were even more severe. During their battle, he had been overwhelmed by Saachi’s attacks.

Saachi could sense Devin’s condition and knew his aura was also weakening. Thus, she no longer held back. A light ray composed of mysterious inscriptions emerged from her eyes.

Even Waleria was surprised by the light ray’s strength.

‘That’s powerful.”

‘That must be the ultimate power of the Dobro Eyes.”

“It’s amazing. Will a cultivator at the Quasi Chaos Rank withstand it?”

A few powerhouses also began to discuss.

As soon as the Dobro Ray appeared, it pierced through the Endlos Void and zoomed toward Devin.

Devin felt threatened and quickly escaped to a distant area. However, the Dobro Ray relentlessly chased after him and pierced through his body.

The Dobro Ray broke down in his body into countless inscriptions and reformed into a terrifying eye.

A tremendous force emerged from the eye and rapidly destroyed Devin’s body.


Devin’s body exploded.

After his physical body was destroyed, his soul hurriedly tried to flee.

However, another Dobro Ray shot out and obliterated his soul.

“Argh! No!!!”

A cry resounded throughout the Endlos Void. It gradually weakened and finally disappeared altogether.

Even though Saachi’s Dobro Eyes destroyed most of Devin’s soul, a few traces of his soul sigils remained. With Devin’s cultivation base, he could resurrect if given enough time.

However, Saachi was unwilling to give him another chance at life. Consecutive light rays shot out from her Dobro Eyes, obliterating the remaining traces of soul sigils.

Their battle finally came to an end.

Saachi stood in the Endlos Void, and bloody tears rolled down from her eyes.

Her comprehension of the Dobro Eyes had yet to reach complete proficiency. However, she forcefully activated and exerted its maximum strength for revenge. Her excessive consumption of the Dobro Eyes destroyed them again.

Saachi was unconcerned about the destruction of her Dobro Eyes. Their very existence was only for the sake of her revenge.

Now that she had her revenge, it did not matter whether her Dobro Eyes still existed or not.

“Father, I’ve avenged you.

“My family, I hope you saw everything. I’ve already killed our enemies and completely obliterated them.”

Saachi’s cries echoed throughout the Endlos Void.

When Wyot and powerhouses from Mount Kapron saw the battle’s outcome, they had solemn expressions.

Nobody expected a cultivator at the Caelum Boundless Rank to have killed an opponent at the Quasi Chaos Rank. It was something even a powerhouse on the Boundless Ranking could not do, yet Saachi succeeded. It proved she could place in the top ten of the Boundless Ranking.

James and the others immediately reunited with her. Seeing the bloody tears from Saachi’s eyes, Waleria frowned and said, “You didn’t perfect it. Instead, you’ve forcefully urged its power. Now that you’ve excessively used it, it has been destroyed again. It’s not going to be easy to restore them.”

James observed Saachi. He could tell her Dobro Eyes were already on the verge of disappearing, and only a little of its power remained. They were exhausted and on the verge of ceasing to exist.

He had a solemn expression.

Waleria was correct. Saaschi’s Dobro Eyes were destroyed. However, her Dobro Inscriptions remained, so restoring them was not impossible.


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