The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4797

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4797-Swoosh! Daffron immediately appeared and caught Wyot.

He immediately advised, saying, “You should admit defeat, Wyot.

Don’t force it or else you’re going to die.” Wyot’s face was terrifyingly grim.

He could not believe he had lost to James again.

He was in the Caelum Boundless Rank and had awakened his Thousand Paths Holy Body.

His physical body was unparalleled.

Moreover, he cultivated the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and merged Kapron Power with his Chaos Power.

He was confident to take down a powerhouse at the Quasi Chaos Rank.

Yet, he lost to James, the person he hated the most.

He was unwilling to acknowledge his defeat and refused to accept the battle’s outcome.

“T wouldn’t lose to you.

Let’s continue the fight!” Wyot roared, and his voice resounded through the Endlos Void.

He caused a terrifying sound wave to permeate the void, and everything it passed through collapsed.

Wyot wanted to continue the fight.

However, his body was already covered in injuries and could no longer support him in battle.

He summoned his strength, but his injuries worsened.

Ultimately, he had to dissipate his power.

Everyone spectating the battle was surprised by the outcome.

Nobody expected Wyot and James to have displayed such great strength.

Although Wyot had lost, he was more than capable of defeating Devin, who was killed by Saachi.

Even James would be able to do the same.

James slowly approached Wyot.

He stopped, stretched his hand, and said, “Hand it over.” Wyot gritted his teeth and glared at James.

His eyes were fuming with anger.

James’ face darkened, and he said coldly, “What’s wrong? You’re going to go back on your promise? If that’s the case, I’ll have to use force.” A murderous intent emerged from his body.

Daffron instantly shielded Wyot and said, “I dare you.” Waleria, Zula, Wynona, and Wynton immediately appeared after noticing the hostility between them.

They stood in front of James, glaring at Daffron.

Daffron was instantly intimidated by them.

He turned to Wyot and said, “You should keep your word, Wyot.

Let him have it for ten thousand years.

Mount Kapron can afford this loss.” Wyot reluctantly took out Mount Kapron’s sacred scroll and tossed it to James.

“Thank you.

I’ll return it to you on time.” After leaving a word, James disappeared from the area.

The next moment, James appeared in an uninhabited place within the Aternus Universe.

He set up a time formation and excitedly rolled open the sacred scroll.

James knew it was impossible to cultivate Kapron Power within ten thousand years even with a time formation.

Therefore, his plan was to memorize the sacred scroll.

Even if he failed to remember everything, he could just copy it.

Meanwhile, Wyot sat in the highest seat within a hall ona spiritual mountain in the Aeternus Universe.

He was covered in injuries but could not be bothered with them.

Wyot grumbled, “Damn it!” Daffron comforted him, saying, “Even though you lost, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose to him next time.

You should focus on improving your cultivation base.

I’m sure you’ll defeat him sooner or later.” Wyot brooded over his defeat to James.

His chest heaved angrily as he recalled how James tainted and impregnated his beloved wife.

Overwhelmed with anger, he spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

Waleria and the others waited at the Aeternus Sect’s ruins for James’ return.

Saachi looked ahead at the pile of rubble and said, “Although this area has been destroyed, it’s the core of the Aeternus District and is blessed by the Aeternus District’s Heavenly Path.

If we build a new sect here, the Empyrean Spiritual Energy will be restored very soon.

James mentioned wanting to create a new sect here.

We should restore the area while waiting for him.”


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