The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4802

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4802-Waleria thought back on when she first met James.

Back then, his cultivation rank was really low, and he was running from Zeloneth.

He fled to every corner of the Endlos Void and almost died even though he mastered the Blithe Omniscience.

It had not been that long, but James had already become so strong.

James suddenly asked, “By the way, what kind of event is the Hazeaf Gathering?” Waleria replied excitedly, “Do you know about the Boundless Ranking and Chaos Ranking?” He shook his head.

“The Boundless Ranking is a standard for measuring a cultivator’s attainments in the Boundless Rank.

Every once ina while, the Endlos’ Nine District will hold a gathering to allow cultivators in the Boundless Rank to have friendly matches.

Then, a Boundless Ranking would be made according to the results.

“Anybody in the Boundless Rank is allowed to participate.

“However, there is a massive gap between the Quasi Boundless Rank, Permanence Boundless Rank, Terra Boundless Rank, and Caelum Boundless Rank.

Therefore, it ultimately became a competition between Caelum Boundless Ranks.

If you place in the ranking list, you’!] become famous throughout the Endlos’ Nine Districts.

“The Chaos Ranking is even more exciting.

As long as you enter the Quasi Chaos Rank, you’re qualified to participate in the fights and compete for a place in the Chaos Ranking.

However, there are only a few at the Chaos Rank.

Thus, even cultivators at the Quasi Chaos Rank can make it on the list.” Waleria blabbered on and on.

After a while, James had a clearer understanding of the rankings.

“You’re excited to attend the Hazeaf Gathering because you want to compete for a spot on the Chaos Ranking, right?” asked James.

“Yeap,” Waleria said proudly, “There are only a few powerhouses at the Chaos Rank.

Based on the previous Chaos Rankings, there are one hundred spots.

With my current strength, I’m considered strong in the Endlos’ Nine Districts.

I should be able to enter the top one hundred and get a decent ranking.

When that happens, I’ll become very popular.” James looked forward to the Hazeaf Gathering.

He was not interested in the Chaos or Boundless Ranking.

However, he and Yardos planned to stand out during the Hazeaf Gathering to make aname for the Heavenly Court.

Since he was not qualified to participate in the Chaos Ranking, he had to compete for a spot on the Boundless Ranking.

James asked, “What ranking do you think I can get in the Boundless Ranking?” Waleria thought for a while and replied.

“Judging by your recent battles, you should be at least top three.

You might even place number one.” She had high expectations for James.

Even though James was only at the middle stage of the Caelum Acme Rank, he had many signature skills.

She believed he would place high in the boundless Ranking.

“Then will I need to be at the Quasi Chaos Rank to participate in the competition for the Chaos Ranking?” asked James.

a n Waleria glanced at James thoughtfully.

She replied, “There aren’t any restrictions on cultivation ranks.

However, those who participated in the previous competitions were at least at the Quasi Chaos Rank.

In fact, many cultivators at the Quasi Chaos Rank don’t even dare to participate.” James rubbed his chin and asked, “If I participate in the competition for the Chaos Ranking, will I make it on the list? I think placing number one hundredth on the Chaos Ranking is much better than number one on the Boundless Ranking.” Waleria was stunned and at a loss for words.

After a while, she asked, “Are you planning to join the competition for the Chaos Ranking?” “Is there a problem?” James looked at her.

“N-Not at all.” Waleria did not dissuade him.

James had displayed terrifying strength in the past.

Moreover, he did not use his ultimate trump card against Wyot.

He still had the formation he had learned while breaking into the Caelum Acme Rank, which even Walria feared.


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