The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4810

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4810-James drifted along the River of Time and soon arrived at where he came from.

He jumped out and appeared in the Endlos Void outside the Hazeaf Universe.

As soon as he left the River of Time, the Karma Power he had been suppressing immediately dispersed.

Although the Karma Power had disappeared, it had already corroded his body.

He had several internal injuries.

Even worse, some Karma Power had contaminated his bones, flesh, and blood.

James stood in the Endlos Void.

After sensing his body’s condition, he quickly urged his powers to refine the Karma Power.

The process only lasted seconds.

After absorbing the Karpma Power, James returned to the Hazeaf Sect.

There was only less than a hundred years before the Hazeaf Gathering.

Powerful cultivators from all over the Endlos’ Nine Districts had gathered inside the Hazeaf Sect, waiting for the event to begin.

Everyone was eager to compete for a spot on the two rankings.

Time passed day by day.

The day for the Hazeaf Gathering finally arrived.

A few spectral chairs appeared in the sky throughout the Hazeaf Sect.

The chairs were scattered throughout the locations where the participants resided.

Everyone who was staying in the Hazeaf Sect was given a designated seat.

“Welcome to the Hazeaf Sect, my fellow cultivators.” A voice echoed throughout the Hazeaf Sect.

“Please take your seats.” The cultivators flew up to the sky and sat in their respective chairs.

In just a short moment, the sky was densely packed with cultivators.

A golden seat appeared above the Hazeaf Sect’s central mountain.

A middle-aged man who looked to be in his forties sat down.

He wore a golden robe and had a calm, confident smile.

It was none other than the Hazeaf District’s Leader, Lucius, the number one powerhouse of the Endlos’ Nine districts.

He was the one who had ambushed the Chaos District’s Leader and caused him and the Chaos District to go into hiding.

He scanned his surroundings and said, “The Hazeaf Gathering will begin as scheduled.

During the past years, many powerhouses have risen in the Endlos’ Nine Districts.

Countless cultivators have entered the Caelum Boundless Rank, and some have also entered the Quasi Chaos Rank as well as the Chaos Rank.” “I’m looking forward to seeing who will make it to the Boundless and Chaos Ranking.

“ After a brief pause, he continued, saying, “The competition for the Boundless Ranking will take place first, then only will the competition for the Chaos Ranking begin.

I know many cultivators in the Boundless Rank are focused on reaching the limits of cultivation and strength.

Therefore, many aren’t interested in competing.

To attract more participants, I’ve decided to take out some treasures as rewards.” His words immediately intrigued many cultivators.

Lucius was the most powerful cultivator in the Endlos’ Niner Districts and occupied Mount Hazeaf, the core of the Nine Districts.

He had remained in the number one spot for a long time and gathered many treasures.

Everyone stared at Lucius, curious about what he would be offering as a reward.

“The top ten on the Boundless Ranking will be permitted to enter Mount Hazeaf’s holy site to cultivate.” The crowd was shocked, and their passion was immediately ignited.

Lucious explained, “As everyone already knows, Mount Hazeaf’s holy site has inscription sigils left behind after the evolution of the Heavenly Path.

I’m sure it’s every cultivator’s dream to see them.

After all, whoever can comprehend even a bit of it might be able to enter the Quasi Chaos Rank or even the Chaos Rank.

It greatly increases one’s chances of becoming a peerless powerhouse of the Nine Districts.”


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