The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4812

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4812-They simply stated that it was a very ancient battlefield.

The history of the battlefield was a mystery.

Besides that, the battlefield had many fortunes.

If one was lucky and obtained a fortune, one would take off.

The ancient battlefield was not always open to the public.

There was a very evil power residing within the ancient battlefield.

The evil power would only weaken at a specific time.

If a powerhouse entered the battlefield before it opened, he would not be able to resist the evil power and would corrode, even if he were a peerless powerhouse.

At this moment, a passage appeared in the sky above the Hazeaf Sect.

“Fellow cultivators.” Lucius’ voice was loud.

“The passage to the ancient battlefield has opened.

Theoretically, powerhouses of any cultivation rank can enter.

Even a powerhouse of the Chaos Rank can go in and look for providences and fortunes.

One can even find the secret of the ancient battlefield.

“However, only the living beings of the Boundless Rank can enter the Boundless Arena.

“Please head in.

The ancient battlefield will be opened for ten epochs.

After ten epochs, the evil energy will fill the battlefield again.

You must get out of the ancient battlefield within ten epochs.” Then, countless living beings flew to the sky and entered the passage.

A large number of living beings entered the passage.

James was not in a hurry.

He stood up and scanned his surroundings.

He was surrounded by his friends.

“Are you going to take a look at the battlefield?” James looked at the other powerhouses and said, “I have never heard of such an ancient battlefield.

I don’t know the history of the battlefield, but I know it isn’t an average battlefield.

There may be huge providences and fortunes hidden on the battlefield.

Perhaps there are even secrets we don’t know.” Saachi shook her head and said, “I’m not going.” Now that Saachi had taken her revenge, she no longer desired providences and fortunes.

“Tl join in the fun too.” Waleria smiled.

Although she was not in the Boundless Rank and could not enter the Boundless Arena, she wanted to visit the ancient battlefield.

“I’m going too,” said Zula.

She was only interested in the ancient battlefield.

She had been meditating in seclusion during the last gathering and so missed her chance.

Since she was here now, she had to take a look at the battlefield.

Aside from Saachi, everyone wanted to go to the ancient battlefield.

The group jumped and appeared in the sky.

They entered and moved along the passage before exiting it.

When they reappeared, they were in an unknown place.

James appeared in an unknown area.

Standing in the void, he scanned his surroundings.

The place was dark, but a strange power was hidden in the dark.

Upon sensing the power, he was taken aback.

It was because he was familiar with the power.

“Isn’t this the power of Extraterrestrial Demons?” James frowned.

He had killed many Mothers when he was in the Supreme IIlusion, and he obtained many black crystals from their bodies.

The power in the unknown place was identical to the power of the black crystals.

The only difference was that the power in this place was frantic and complicated.

On the other hand, the power in the black crystals was very pure.

“Where are the others?” When James could not sense Waleria and the others’ auras, he frowned.

They had entered and left the passage together.

However, they were separated upon arrival at the ancient battlefield.

He did not ponder on this matter further.


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