The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4818

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4818- Most of the areas on the ancient battlefield were engulfed in darkness.

The images that appeared this time were in a dark place away from the city.

The white light shot up to the sky, illuminating the dark area.

The white light contained a mysterious power.

The power got rid of the black mist in the dark.

Then, a destroyed spiritual mountain emerged.

In the blink of an eye, Zeno arrived at the area.

Soon, James also arrived at the same spot.

At the center of the ruin was something mysterious exuding a ray of white light.

James scanned his surroundings and realized that many living beings had gathered in the area.

At this moment, several armored bodyguards began to threaten people.

“Our master found this ruin first.

It belongs to him.

If you don’t want to die, get lost.” Many bodyguards appeared and started to get rid of the living beings nearby.

At this time, a handsome man walked over, stepping on the void.

He appeared in the sky above the area.

“Welcome, Sir Warner.” Countless bodyguards knelt on the ground and greeted Warner loudly.

“Tt’s Warner.” “It’s been a long time since he showed himself.

I wonder where he cultivated.

We shouldn’t provoke him.

Let’s watch the situation from afar.” Upon seeing that the bodyguards were Warner’s, a few powerhouses decided to back out.

Warner was placed third in the last Boundless Ranking.

Now, he was still in the Boundless Ranking.

He was extremely powerful.

The living beings present dared not offend him.

“Zeno, do you know what’s in the ruin?” James glanced at Zeno next to him.

Zeno had traveled to many ruins in the nine districts, so he had a profound understanding of ruins.

That was why James asked him.

Zeno shook his head and said, “I don’t know.

I need to study the ruin first.” Then, several bodyguards appeared.

The bodyguards pulled out their weapons.

“Didn’t you hear? This place belongs to our master.

It’s none of your business,” Warner’s bodyguard said in a cold tone.

Glancing at the bodyguards, James sensed that their cultivation ranks were high.

They had all reached the Caelum Acme Rank.

If they were in a weaker universe, they could rule the universe.

Yet, they were willing to be Warner’s bodyguards.

It was evident that Warner was a big shot.

Zeno stepped back and appeared behind James.

Then, he pushed James forward.

James did not expect that.

With Zeno’s power, James was pushed forward instantly.

Thinking that James was going to attack them, the bodyguards immediately took action.

Hundreds of bodyguards pulled out their swords and attacked James.

However, James’ body was very strong.

Even though the bodyguards were in the Caelum Acme Rank, they could not harm James.

‘what a despicable monk,’ cursed James in his heart.

Since the bodyguards had attacked James, James would not back out.

“This ancient battlefield doesn’t belong to Warner.

Those who are destined will find the treasures.

Isn’t it too much to occupy this ancient ruin?” James said.

His words attracted the attention of the living beings nearby.

At once, countless gazes landed on him.

“who is he? Why is he so brave? How dare he go against Warner?” “T know him.

He’s the head of the Verde Academy’s Tempris House, James.” Many living beings were gathered here, all coming from different realms of the nine districts.

A lot of them did not know who James was.

Nonetheless, there were living beings who came from the Verde District.

James’ identity was exposed.

At this moment, Warner was already outside the ruin.

However, the ruin had a broken formation, which he would need quite some time to break.

Hearing the commotion in the distance, he frowned.

Unhappy, he said, ““Didn’t you clear the place? Why are there still living beings? Get rid of them.

I don’t want any living beings to disturb me.” “Yes, sir.” At once, several powerhouses jumped and flew toward the area James was in.


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