The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4820

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4820-“Haha.” James could not help but laugh.

No one had made him kneel before.

Warner was the first person to do so.

Wanrner’s arrogance angered James.

“Let’s see how strong you are that you think you can make me kneel.” James was filled with Murderous Energy.

He had comprehended six kinds of power, the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, and the power of the six sacred scrolls.

He did not fear anything.

“How stupid,” said Warner casually.

Then, he made a move.

With a flash, he appeared before James and raised his hand.

A terrifying power emerged, and his fist headed toward James.

James met the attack head-on.

Both fists collided.

Boom! Immediately, the void collapsed.

Meanwhile, James’ body flew away due to the frightening power.

The power spread throughout his body from his arm.

It made his Blood Energy churn.

He failed to suppress the surging Blood Energy.

At once, he spat out blood.

‘He’s quite strong.” James could not help but be shocked.

Even though Warner did not use his power, he broke James’ defense.

This proved Warner’s strength.

“Are you looking down on Tempris House?” At this time, a voice rang throughout the place.

Following the voice, an elder appeared.

When the elder appeared, he launched attacks toward Warner.

Shadows surrounded Warner.

The shadows pushed out their palms continuously.

In an instant, there were thousands of palms.

Apalm formation immediately appeared around Warner’s body.

Boom! At that moment, countless palms landed on Warner’s body.

Warner was instantly injured as he spat out blood.

Meanwhile, the elder stood in the sky.

“wael?” “Tt’s Wael, the previous Head of Tempris House.

He’s one of the strongest powerhouses in the Verde Academy.” The living beings recognized the elder.

The elder was Wael of Mount Tempris.

Stepping on the void, James walked over to Wael and looked at him.

Unhappy, he said, “Hey, what do you mean by this? Why are you helping me? Do you really think I’m not his match?” “Haha.” Wael laughed and patted James’ shoulder.

Admirably, he said, “ Not bad.

Tempris House became powerful under your lead while I was gone.” In the distance, Warner’s expression was extremely heavy.

It had been many epochs since he was last injured.

He stared at Wael with murderous intent.

As the murderous intent filled his gaze, a powerful aura emerged from his body.

Then, the void became illusionary.

It was as if it was going to collapse at any time.

“The both of you, come at me together,” roared Warner.

“Let me.” James and Wael spoke at the same time.

Then, they exchanged glances.

James made a gesture and said, “You’re the elder.

I won’t fight with you.

Go ahead.” Then, James backed away and appeared outside the battlefield.

“Are you alright?”


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