The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4826

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4826-If one were to be hit by it, they would be tainted by a dreadful power, even if not immediately killed.

This force could steadily corrode the flesh and consume one’s own strength.

James tried to harness the power of the Greater Paths to suppress it, but it remained unyielding.

In that instant, he entered a state of the Omniscience Path and Battle Rank.

Radiating a white halo from head to toe, tinged with a hint of crimson, he appeared resplendent and radiant.

Even so, he could not both suppress and expel the power left by the Path Arrow within him.

In the end, James used One for All to dispel it.

“So powerful,” James exclaimed.

He was not currently using six powers.

In the Late Stage of Caelum Acme Rank, utilizing the Omniscience Path and the power of Greater Paths, James displayed considerable formidable prowess that allowed him to surpass Caelum Boundless Rank opponents.

Nevertheless, Warner’s displayed strength was simply too terrifying, and James could not defeat him without employing six powers.

Whoosh! Another Path Arrow streaked through the sky and swept towards James.

He stood in the void.

In that instant, he utilized the Blithe Omniscience, vanishing from his original spot and appearing in front of Warner.

Having previously battled with James, Warner was aware of his use of the Blithe Omniscience and had already locked onto James’ aura.

Warner dodged and reappeared at the distance as James’ aura approached.

The Path Arrow simultaneously remained firmly fixed on James’ aura, seamlessly traversing the void to pursue him.

James activated the power of Greater Paths, creating numerous inscriptions that materialized in front of him, forming a protective shield.

Boom! The brilliant Path Arrow attacked the shield, causing the shield to shatter instantly.

Although the arrow’s power was weakened, it persisted in its charge towards James.

With a thought, James summoned the Chaos Sword, and Sword Energy materialized to intercept the approaching Path Arrow head -on.

The Sword Energy and the Path Arrow clashed in the void, generating a formidable shockwave.

This scene left all the living beings who were watching the battle in absolute awe.

Nobody had expected James to be so powerful.

They were not surprised by Warner’s defeat at the Wael’s hands, as Wael had been a renowned powerhouse for countless years and had even achieved the Chaos Rank.

It was understandable that Warner was no match for him.

However, what seemed inconceivable now was that an unknown human without any reputation could withstand Warner’s attacks.

“Where did James come from, and why is he so strong, able to contend with Warner?” “His strength must be impressive to withstand Warner’s attacks.

He could rank in the top twenty of the Boundless Ranking.” “As far as I know, James first appeared at Verde Academy, and his first battle was against a genius from the academy named Wynona.

During that time, he was only at the Permanence Boundless Rank.” “It feels like only ten thousand epochs have passed.” Many living beings were unfamiliar with James.

However, there were quite a few living beings from Verde District who knew something about him.

James’ exploits were dug up.

“Damn it,” Warner muttered with a terrifying expression.

His Path Arrow was extremely powerful, and among those of the same cultivation rank, only a select few could withstand its force.

Now, a Late Stage of Caelum Acme Rank human had been struck by his arrow without any effect, and had even taken the blow.

At this moment, James launched a counterattack.

Gripping the Chaos Sword, he released a terrifying sound wave that sent mysterious echoes reverberating throughout the area.

Upon hearing the sound, some distant living beings found their minds going blank, and their senses scattered.

James displayed the Chaos’ Nine Voices.


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