The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4849

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4849

Xezal replied, “I’ve also encountered the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra in the Path of Heavenly Awakening. However, my comprehension of it is still lacking.”

The others in the room were confused by their conversation.

James asked, “Are you the descendant of the Chaos District’s Leader?”

Xezal replied honestly, “Yes. Teresa is the daughter of the Chaos District’s Leader. I’m just a clone of her.

Unfortunately, the Chaos District’s Leader was ambushed and killed by the Hazeaf District’s Leader.”

“Your father has already integrated into the Chaos Heavenly Path. Was he the one who planned the Sky Burials? Is he trying to use the strength of other deceased powerhouses to resurrect? Will he come back to life after the third Sky Burial and the destruction of the Chaos Heavenly Path?”

Xexal chuckled and said, “Do you really believe that, James? Wynton’s ancestor is a mere subordinate of my father. Wynton simply made a few conjectures based on some incomplete information left behind by his ancestor.”

“Then enlighten me on the Sky Burial.”

James’ body emitted a murderous intent. He refused to be used by Xezal. If Wynton’s conjectures were true, he would kill Xezal.

She was unfazed by James’ hostility. Xezal replied calmly, ” My father was already a powerhouse before the Endlos’ Ten Districts were established. He had contributed significantly to the fight against the Extraterrestrial Demons.

“Back then, Emperor Raiah severely injured the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander. As a result, the Extraterrestrial Army withdrew. Afterward, Emperor Raiah established the Endlos’ Ten Districts. He gave the Endlos Heart to my father and asked him to rule the Ten Districts as the Endlos Lord. At the same time, he asked the other forces under him to go into hiding and prepare for the return of the Extraterrestrial Demons.”

James finally understood why the Endlos’ Nine District’s inhabitants were clueless about Extraterrestrial Demons and Emperor Raiah. It was because the powerhouses, forces, and sects that participated in the battle had gone into seclusion.

Xezal took a deep breath and continued, “Before Emperor Raiah left, he arranged for my father to become the Endlos Lord. He also delegated nine other district leaders. Then, he split the Ten Path Techniques into ten parts and recorded them in the ten sacred scrolls. Each district was to protect one of the sacred scrolls. He also left different illusions in each district for those with enough talent to encounter and acquire the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra. In the Endlos’ Ten Districts, my father and the hidden powerhouses and sects are the only ones aware of this.

“Many years after my father became the Endlos Lord, Jagan entered the Chaos Rank. He ambushed my father in an attempt to seize the Endlos Heart and become the new Endlos Lord. My father had no choice but to flee. He also cast a Supernatural Power and hid the entire Chaos District.

“My father suffered severe injuries and had to integrate himself into the Chaos Heavenly Path to survive. However, things aren’t as Wynton speculated them to be. The Chaos District’s Sky Burials have nothing to do with my father. He had used extreme measures to hide the Chaos District and protect the Endlos Heart.

‘That being said, it is true that my father is indeed absorbing the aura of deceased powerhouses and will be able to resurrect. However, my father isn’t the mastermind that caused things to develop in his direction. In fact, it is the plan of some powerhouses of the Endlos’ Nine Districts with evil intentions.”

Xezal shared some past events, pinning the blame on the powerhouses of the Endlos’ Nine Districts.

After listening to all the stories, James’ comrades instantly realized that Wynton and James were not from the Endlos’ Nine Districts but from the hidden Chaos District. They also learned that Xezal was the daughter of the former Endlos Lord.

Waleria looked at James meaningfully and said, “So you’re from the Chaos District.”

James did not reply to her. He began to evaluate Xezal’s words.

She continued, saying, “I appeared because there are too many powerhouses in the Chaos District. The Chaos Heavenly Path will no longer be able to suppress the Chaos District’s aura from leaking out. I can’t have powerhouses from the Endlos’ Nine Districts paying too much attention to the Chaos District. Therefore, I activated the Boundless Tablet and allowed the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra to appear.

‘The Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra will keep the powerhouses of the Nine Districts distracted from the Chaos District.”


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