The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4853

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4853-Curious, Xylus asked, “What is the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra?”

Wyot explained, “It’s a powerful scripture left behind by Emperor Raiah before the establishment of the Ten Districts. Mastering the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra allows one to cultivate the magical powers of the ten sacred scrolls.”

Xylus stood up in shock. After he became the Kapron District’s Leader, he had possession of the Kapron District’s sacred scroll. However, he never comprehended it, even after so many years.

Wyot elaborated, “James has mastered the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and can read the sacred scrolls. He has already seen a few sacred scrolls and cultivated their powers. Although he is only at the Caelum Acme Rank’s late stage, he is incredibly powerful.”

Wyot revealed some information about Emperor Raiah, the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, and the sacred scrolls.

Even Xylus, the Kapron District’s Leader, was clueless about these things. His master had never disclosed this information to him before.

After learning these secrets, Xylus finally came to a realization and said, “I see. So that’s how the ten districts were born. I never knew the sacred scrolls contained such potent powers.”

Wyot continued, saying, “I also discovered that James isn’t from the Endlos’ Nine Districts but the Chaos District.

Yardos is also a human from the Chaos District.

“Really? They’re from the Chaos District?” Xylus was shocked.

Wyot asked tentatively, “What are you going to do, sir? James and Yardos aren’t easy opponents. With Mount Kapron’s strength, we won’t be able to extort more information about the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and the method to comprehending the sacred scrolls from James.”

Xylus looked at Wyot and asked, “Since you’ve shared these secrets with me, you must have already devised a plan, right?”

Wyot nodded lightly and said, “I believe the only way to deal with Yardos and James is to unite with the Hazeaf District’s Leader, the Welkin District’s Leader, and other powerhouses at the Chaos Rank.”

“Alright. I’ll think about it. You’re dismissed.” Xylus gently waved his hand.

“Understood. I’ll take my leave.” Wyot turned and left.

Xylus fell into thought and muttered, “Emperor Raiah, Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, ten sacred scrolls, and Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art? Lucius had only comprehended one-tenth of the Hazeaf District’s sacred

scroll but managed to cultivate the Crepe Myrtle Energy of Hazeaf. If he were to fully comprehend the sacred scroll, his strength would be unfathomable.

“Then, how strong will one be after comprehending ten of the sacred scrolls?”

Xylus took a deep breath. He did not feel confident in resolving these matters himself. To capture James and Yardos, he would need the help of a few powerhouses at the Chaos Rank.

After thinking everything through, he immediately disappeared from the area. The next moment, he appeared before the Hazeaf District’s leader, Lucius.

Lucius had not gone to the ancient battlefield. Instead, he had been staying within the Hazeaf District. At his current strength, nothing much could catch his eyes.

Xylus greeted with a smile, “Sir Lucius.”

“Please have a seat, Sir Xylus.”

Lucius sat in the highest seat of the hall and waved his hand to summon a chair.

Xylus sat down and said smilingly, “I have some secrets to share with you, Sir Lucius.”

Intrigued, Lucius asked, “Oh? What are they about?”

Xylus replied with a smile, “The origin of the sacred scrolls and the unique powers contained within it.”

Lucius jumped to his feet in shock. He was well aware of the sacred scrolls since he had one in his possession.

However, he was clueless about its origin and the unique powers within it. His curiosity was immediately piqued. He asked, “Please do enlighten me.”


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