The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4857

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4857-Meanwhile, Thea, who was in Callahan’s spiritual mountain within the Chaos District’s Blood Realm, appeared in front of the Ancestral Blood Master and said excitedly, “Father! I can sense a vast region outside of the Chasos District. Is it the Endlos’ Nine Districts that you’ve mentioned before? Has the seal around the Chaos District already disappeared? Where’s James right now?”

After the seal around the Chaos District dispersed, their location in the Endlos was exposed. The Ancestral Blood Master detected his phantom body and instantly learned about James’ recent experiences.

He said smilingly, “Don’t worry. James is fine. He is currently cultivating in an ancient battlefield.”

“An ancient battlefield?” Thea was surprised.

The Chaos District’s seal had been opened before to send out Wyot, Wynton, and Henrik. Even though it was a very brief moment, the Ancestral Blood Master detected his phantom body and knew about what James had

experienced. Now that the Chaos District’s seal had broken, he easily learned about James’ recent activities.

He shared everything with Thea with a smile.

Thea’s eyes teared up after learning of James’ adventures, and she slightly choked up. “I can’t believe he had gone through so much.”

The Ancestral Blood Master said smilingly, ‘The ancient battlefield should be really lively right now. There are a lot of powerhouses at the Caelum Boundless Rank there. After James left the Chaos District, you worked hard and reached the Caelum Boundless Rank. With your strength, you should be on par with the powerhouses gathered at the ancient battlefield. Go ahead and go look for him.”

‘Thank you, Father,” Thea said ecstatically and quickly left.

The Ancestral Blood Master murmured, ‘The Chaos District’s seal is gone, and we’re back under the radar. The Endlos’ Void is so vast. Even I can’t sense its borders.”

Powerhouses within the Chaos District were excited after sensing the outside territory. Many rushed into the Endlos and headed toward the different districts. They learned about the grand gathering in the Endlos’ Nine Districts almost instantly and quickly rushed to the ancient battlefield.

Inside the backyard of a manor in the ancient battlefield’s dilapidated city, James was in seclusion and trying to break into the Caelum Boundless Rank.

However, it was harder than he thought. Countless epochs had passed. An even longer time had passed within the time formation, but he had yet to reach the Caelum Boundless Rank.

James continued suppressing his cultivation base and slowly increasing his strength.

Suddenly, his aura skyrocketed.


James stopped cultivating and found himself soaked in sweat.

After so many years, he had finally entered the Caelum Boundless Rank.


The Ancestral Blood Master’s phantom appeared.

“Mr. Xrival.” James stood up and greeted him.

The Ancestral Blood Master’s phantom said, “James, the seal around the Chaos District has already disappeared. The Chaos District has reappeared in the Endlos. Thea is on her way to the ancient battlefield right now. My phantom body is no longer needed, and my main body will be waiting for you in the Chaos District. All the best in getting number one in the Boundless Rankinig.”

After speaking, the Ancestral Blood Master’s phantom body vanished.

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James was stunned. After a while, he recomposed and murmured, ‘The Chaos District’s seal is gone? So the Chaos District is now detectable?”

His face lit up with joy. “I thought it would take a long time before I could return to the Chaos District. I wasn’t expecting this to happen. I miss you, Thea.”


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