The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4865

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4865-James realized he might have been wrong and that the beginning of time most probably meant when the Endlos was born.

He thought of the man he met in the 108th Infinity City. Back then, he wanted to travel to the beginning of time but was stopped. The man claimed he was too weak and said they would fight side by side in the future.

James scanned the silent city, searching for the mysterious man’s whereabouts.

“You’re back.” Suddenly, a voice resounded. Then, a blurry silhouette appeared and gradually formed into a substantial person.

During their first encounter in the past, James was unable to see the silhouette’s appearance. However, he could now clearly see that it was a man who looked to be in his forties. The man looked rather ordinary and wore a simple robe. Yet, he had a domineering presence.

James asked tentatively, “Who are you?”

The man replied smilingly, “I’m the person guarding the last Infinity City. My job is to wait for the destined person to come so that we can travel back to the battlefield and resolve the final disaster.”

“The final disaster?” James frowned.

The man said, ‘You should leave. Although you’ve become stronger, it’s far from enough. I hope you’re strong enough to travel to the final battlefield with me the next time you return.”

After speaking, the man disappeared from James’ sight.

James shouted, “Can I ask for your name, Sir?”

‘You’ll find out sooner or later.”

The man’s voice gradually faded.

James stood on the city wall with a frown.

He looked outside the city but could not see past the darkness.

Suddenly, the darkness seemed to have subsided, and he saw a wave of monsters rushing toward him, but a powerful formation outside the city blocked them from advancing.

“What the hell?” James was shocked.

He remembered the scene within the Supreme Illusions, where he was also in a city being attacked by monsters.

“Do the Infinity Cities exist to suppress the Extraterrestrial Demons? Are Extraterrestial Demons from different eras attacking the Endlos? What exactly is the final disaster?

“Is it possible Extraterrestrial Demons have been attacking the Endlos even before Emperor Raiah existed? Wasn’t Emperor Raiah’s previous battle against the Extraterrestrial Demons not the final battle? Could it be Extraterrestrial Demons of different eras have launched attacks, trying to conquer the Endlos? Were the Boundless Road and the one hundred and eight Infinity Cities created to protect the Endlos against the Extraterrestrial Demons from different eras?”

Many suspicions arose in James’ mind, and he gasped at the possibilities. ‘This is horrifying. I must become stronger to understand the final truth.”

James entered the Boundless Road and returned to the Chaos District’s Human Universe.


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