The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4872

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4872-“You’ve gone overboard. Get lost,” said Wynton.

Then, he gathered all his power and lightly unleashed it.

The power landed on Gregor’s body.

At once, Gregor flew away and fell to a mountain range in the distance. The mountain range immediately became a ruin, and Gregor was buried in the ruin. For a long time, he did not resurface. It was unknown whether or not he was alive.

“You’re amazing.” James could not help but say, “This is the Wynton I know.”

Wynton dispersed his aura.

A strong power emerged from his body. The power returned to heaven and earth and the living beings.

Stepping on the void, Wynton appeared before James and the others.

Wynona gave Wynton a thumbs up and praised, “I didn’t expect you to be so strong.”

Wynton’s previously intimidating demeanor vanished.

Helplessly, he said, “I didn’t want to break the seal, but that brat went too far. He made me break the seal prematurely.”

“What signature skill did you use just now?” James asked with a smile.

Wynton smiled and said, “I’m not going to tell you that.”

The few of them chatted.

The living beings in the surroundings were stunned.

How could Gregor of the Crescent Sect be defeated so easily?

Who was the person who defeated him?

He was very strong.

Gregor had previously fought against a powerhouse at the peak of the Quasi Chaos Rank and defeated him.

That powerhouse was only one step away from the Chaos Rank, which meant that this person could go against a powerhouse in the Chaos Rank.

Among the many living beings around the arena, some were from the nine districts and some from the hidden sects.

They were all shocked by Wynton’s ability.

James and the others did not stay for long as the city had already been destroyed.

“The Boundless Tablet has appeared,” Waleria said from the dark. “Many living beings in the Caelum Boundless Rank are heading toward the Boundless Tablet. They have entered the Boundless Battlefield. With the appearance of the hidden sects, the fight for the Boundless Ranking should begin earlier because of the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra.”

As she spoke, she looked at James and Wynton and continued, ‘The two of you are freaks. Even with the appearance of many Boundless Rank powerhouses from the hidden sects, you can still get a good ranking with your ability.”

“I guess we’re in for a show,” said Zula with a laugh.

“I wanted to go too,” said Wynona. “But with the appearance of so many hidden sects, even though I’m in the Quasi Chaos Rank, I won’t be their match.”

Glancing at Wynton, James asked, “What ranking are you aiming for?”

Wynton smiled and said, ‘The champion, of course”

“I want to be the champion too.” James smiled and said, “I hope it comes down to the two of us. I want to have a proper match against you and redeem myself.”

“Haha.” Wynton laughed. “You might just lose a second time.”

Wynton left in laughter.

James followed after Wynton.

Waleria and the others did not follow them.

They knew James and Wynton were heading toward the Boundless Tablet and entering the Boundless Battlefield.

They did not stay in this Boundless Battlefield for long either but decided to leave.

In a dark place where a stone tablet was situated…

The stone tablet exuded unusual colors. It illuminated the dark place. Meanwhile, many living beings gathered around the stone tablet.

The living beings were only there to check things out. Those participating in the Boundless Ranking had already entered the Boundless Battlefield via the Boundless Tablet.


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