The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4878

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4878-Yvan was truly afraid.

He was worried that James would actually attack him, so he began to deny any involvement in the matter.

He did not want to leave the arena so early.

Emperor Raiah left behind the Boundless Arena. Yvan had heard about some legends concerning Emperor Raiah, and the latter was definitely a peerless powerhouse.

Yvan wanted to stay on the platform longer. He wanted to see if he could obtain fortunes and enter the Quasi Chaos Rank.

He had been in the Caelum Boundless Rank for a long time but could not enter the Quasi Chaos Rank.

The gazes of all living beings landed on Yvan.

They could sense that Yvan was powerful. An average living being in the Caelum Boundless Rank could not compare to Yvan. However, Yvan feared James. This proved how terrifying James was.


James laughed.

“If you knew this day would come, why would you do that in the past? I’ll give you a chance. Come at me.”

James’ voice was loud.

When Yvan heard that, his expression became heavy. He had said everything he could, but James still wanted to kill him. His words meant nothing.

Under the gazes of many living beings, enunciating each word, he said, “Don’t think that I’m afraid of you. You can kill Zeloneth, but you may not be able to kill me.”

Even after uttering those words, Yvan was still busy scanning the Boundless Arena.

On the platform, he saw Xuri sitting in the corner with her legs crossed. He also saw Yhala near Xuri.

He knew that he was not James’ match with his ability.

He showed up beside Xuri.


Respectfully, Yvan said, “James is provoking me. I only did all those things to resurrect you. You can’t just watch me die.”

Xuri wore a black dress and had long, black hair. Her face was delicate, and she was not currently exuding any Demonic Energy. She looked pure and bright.

She opened her eyes slightly. A trace of black light flashed across her dark eyes.

She glanced at James, who was standing in the sky in the distance.

She watched James kill Zeloneth in an instant just moments ago. Her beautiful face wore a grave expression.

James was a troublesome person.

He might not be weaker than the powerhouses from the hidden sects. In fact, he might be able to defeat many powerhouses from the hidden sects.


Seeing that Xuri remained silent, Yvan could not help but be anxious.

He wanted to work together with Xuri to kill James.

He knew Xuri’s ability.

Xuri had been a powerhouse in the past, and she almost entered the Chaos Rank after her resurrection.

She used to be in the Quasi Chaos Rank, but following the appearance of the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, she dropped to the Caelum Boundless Rank so she could obtain it.

Yhala did the same.

She was in the Quasi Chaos Rank but dropped to the Caelum Boundless Rank.

It was not only them.

Many powerhouses in the Quasi Chaos Rank wanted the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra. All of them dropped to the Caelum Boundless Rank.

Even though Xuri’s cultivation rank dropped, she was still powerful.

Looking at the anxious Yvan, Xuri slowly stood up and said,” Yvan, you once said that you can sacrifice your life for me, right?”

Upon hearing that, Yvan was taken aback.

For a moment, he did not understand what Xuri meant.

At this time, James heard Xuri’s telepathy message.

“James, you don’t need to attack Yvan. I’ll kill him for you. Why don’t we form an alliance? There are many powerhouses in the Boundless Arena right now. Only by working together with someone strong can you stay till the end.”

When James heard Xuri’s telepathy message, he was shocked. He thought, ‘Xuri truly is ruthless. To stay till the end, she wants to sacrifice her student. If I work with her, she may play tricks on me.’

James did not want to ally with such a vicious living being. Besides, James did not plan on working with anyone.


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