The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4880

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4880-It had been hundreds of years since the arena battle began.

Aside from James, no other living being made a move.

The guardian, who had been hiding in the dark, could no longer watch the battle stay peaceful. Immediately, he took out a manual.

The manual recorded the inheritance of Wynne.

Wynne was a powerhouse in the era of Emperor Raiah. He was the leader of the Sword Path.

He had many titles, including the Sword Demon and Sword Emperor.

“The inheritance of Wynne?”

Several powerhouses of the hidden sects could no longer hold back.

The same went for other living beings.

No one knew about Emperor Raiah, but they knew about Wynne. They also knew about Sword Mound.

It was said that Wynne left his inheritance and fortunes in Sword Mound. Sword Mound appeared many times in the past, and many powerhouses entered Sword Mound to find fortunes.

Nevertheless, Sword Mound was sealed. Living beings could not enter.

Following the appearance of Wynne’s fortune, several living beings could no longer hold back. They stared at the white light in the sky. It was a jade piece that was exuding the white light.

Although the fortunes had appeared, no one dared to act recklessly.

Treasures were great, but whoever made a move would be sieged.

Wynton glanced at James and asked, “What do you think?”

James nodded slightly and said, “I have some ideas. I’ve been to Sword Mound before. It was a place of belonging for swordmasters. It is said that Wynne’s inheritance is in Sword Mound. However, Sword Mound has appeared many times, but no living being has obtained the inheritance.”

Zeno said that even if one mastered the Universal Sword Art, one could only reach ten percent of Wynne’s swordsmanship.

That was enough to prove how terrifying Wynne’s swordsmanship was.

Wynton said, “I also have some ideas. Why don’t we work together and get all the fortunes in the Boundless Arena? We’ll eliminate all living beings. Then, we’ll fight for the champion. What do you think?”


James smiled.

Without saying anything else, Wynton stood up.

When he got up, he attracted the attention of countless living beings. Many living beings also stood up. Warily, they stared at the sky. Whoever wanted to snatch the jade piece would be sieged.


James’ laugh sounded throughout the arena.

“Since no living being wants Wynne’s fortune, it shall belong to me.”

Then, James immediately entered the state of the Ninth Rank of the Omniscience Path. He exuded a white light, which formed a halo.

In the white light was a trace of red.

After activating the Omniscience Path, James also activated the Thousand Paths Holy Body. The power of the Greater Paths surged in his body.

He knew that he would be surrounded if he made a move. Thus, he did not hold back.

With a powerful aura, he appeared in the sky before the jade piece.

At this moment, countless Zens locked the jade piece.

When James got close to it, he could sense countless powerful auras targeting him. In a flash, the void around him exploded.

Countless auras suppressed him and caused the

fluctuations of the space.


Wynton’s body flashed and appeared in the sky.

When he appeared, he felt the pressure.

Nonetheless, he used his ability to resist the pressure.

“You’re too arrogant. The fortune of an ancestor isn’t something you can get your hands on.”


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