The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4885

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4885-This signature skill represented the convergence of the Greater Paths into one swordsmanship, converting the power of the Greater Paths into Sword Path Energy.


The Sword Energy instantly traversed through the void and appeared in front of Byron. However, Byron stood still, allowing the Sword Energy to attack him. The dazzling Sword Energy vanished mysteriously upon reaching him.

Seeing this, many living beings in the battle arena were completely shocked, and some even exclaimed in surprise.

“The power of the Sword Body.”

“Byron cultivated a secret art of the sect.”

“Legend has it that after Byron perfected the Sword Body, he spent countless entrapochs refining it and created an invincible signature skill called the Sacred Heart Art, which is immune to all Sword Paths attacks.”

“In the past, Byron challenged a Chaos Rank Sword Path powerhouse. The powerhouse used all his techniques, but none could harm Byron.”

In the battle arena, some living beings from hidden sects began to discuss these matters, unearthing the rumors that had been sealed away for countless years. These were all legends passed down from the Saber Sect, not any

confirmed proof.

Seeing this scene, James furrowed his brows slightly. While he had not mastered the Universal Sword Art to its full potential, his current cultivation rank should still have been enough to pose a threat. However, he could not harm Byron at all.

“James, you’re a genius,” Byron said, approaching James step by step with his sword in hand.

“I admit your strength is impressive, surpassing many Caelum Acme Rank powerhouses from other hidden sects. However, you’ve spent too brief of a time refining your skills. You’ve been learning from others without creating your own Supernatural Signature Skills. You might astonish this era, but you won’t leave a mark for eternity.”

With each step Byron took, his aura grew stronger, and James felt an overwhelming power bearing down on him. By the time Byron took his tenth step, James could no longer endure it.

“Why does this feel like the Sacrilegious Ascension?” James was shocked.

Around the battle arena, many living beings could not withstand this power. Some with slightly lower attainments in the Boundless Rank were instantly crushed by the force.

At this moment, the protective formation on the stage reappeared. Many living beings entered the protective formation immediately.

“The supreme martial art skill of the Saber Sect, the Defying

Heavens Art.”

“It’s incredibly terrifying. Today, we’ve finally witnessed the Defying Heavens Art. I wonder how many steps James can withstand.”

“Defying Heavens Art?”

Upon hearing the voices from the arena, James frowned. At this moment, he became certain that the Sacrilegious

Ascension he had once learned originated from the Saber Sect. It was a rudimentary version of the Saber Sect’s supreme martial art skill, the Defying Heavens Art.

When Byron took his eleventh step, the arena trembled, and James sensed a formidable force akin to an immense world pressing down on him. His body could no longer withstand this power, and he plummeted to the ground.


The solid ground was instantly shattered, creating a colossal and unfathomable abyss.


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