The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4887

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4887-James remained composed while facing the pressure brought by the Defying Heavens Art

“Thirty-one steps.”

Byron took another step, causing the entire arena’s space to tremble. All the forces within the arena converged on James, but he held his ground.

“Thirty-two steps.”

He took another forceful step. With this step, his aura intensified instantly.

James’ body endured a ferocious assault from the tremendous pressure. His body split in an instant, blood spilled into the void, and he plummeted from the sky.

With a deafening crash, James’ body hit the ground, causing the arena to collapse and disintegrate instantly. Only the area protected by the formation remained intact.

This scene left everyone in shock. Fortunately, the protective formation had been activated in time, and everyone found refuge within it. Otherwise, when Byron took that step, it would have eliminated ninety-nine percent of the living beings.

Byron finally breathed a sigh of relief. With his thirty-third step, he could trample even Chaos Rank powerhouses.

James was already terrifying to endure until the thirty-

second step.

“James is truly remarkable.”

“Yes, he persisted through thirty-two steps.”

“Don’t forget, he comes from the outside world, not nurtured by the hidden sects.”

“Such a pity.”

Countless living beings discussed the matter.

Just when everyone thought James had perished, a man covered in blood crawled out from the ruins below. His head was disheveled, and there was not a single intact spot on his body.

“He’s alive?”

“He’s truly formidable.”

Under countless gazes, James activated the Life Path, allowing his external injuries to heal. Then, he harnessed the sixth power, the fusion of the Six Path Techniques, and his body ascended into the sky slowly.

“Not bad. I underestimated you,” Byron’s face darkened.

He raised his foot slowly, and as he did, his aura grew stronger. All the forces converged beneath his foot. Before his foot even touched the ground, the void quivered.


With the descent of his foot, the battle arena vanished in an instant. This force even affected the protective formation below, causing it to crack slightly as the terrifying power seeped through the cracks.

In that critical moment, the guardian appeared, reinforcing the formation and preventing it from shattering completely.

However, James, situated at the center of the battlefield, confronted a force even more terrifying than the formation.

Despite harnessing the Six Path Techniques, combining them with the protection of the Greater Paths, and using One for All to weaken some of the power, he was still injured.

He bore numerous wounds, and a significant portion of his flesh and blood had been obliterated, even some of his bones were shattered.

At this moment, James appeared truly fearsome. However, his fearsome countenance bore a grin, a chilling and terrifying one.

“The Defying Heavens Art was only this,” James grinned.” How about this? I won’t compete with you for Wynne’s inheritance. Give me the secret art for the Defying Heavens Art, and I might even help you secure Wynne’s inheritance.

Anyone who dares to vie for it, I’ll personally take care of.” –


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