The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4891

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4891-He could discern several sources of powerful, intense aura from the crowd. Those people included James, Byron, and the man in the gold-colored robe who tried to stop Byron earlier.

The old, hunched man stared at those men thoughtfully. Then, he stroked his beard and said smilingly, “In that case, let’s combine the battlefields.”

“You should start by sharing what treasure the Chaos Battlefield holds,” the guardian of the Boundless Battlefield replied.

‘You’re right.”

The elderly man turned his gaze to the crowd and greeted, ” Hello, everyone. I am the guardian of the Chaos Tablet and Chaos Battlefield. As all of you should know by now, numerous treasures were hidden across the Boundless Arena. The same goes for the Chaos Arena.”

At the same time, countless cultivators across the ten districts were focused on the live broadcast of the speech given by the guardian of the Chaos Battlefield.

“I’m sure everyone has heard about Emperor Raiah before. He is the creator of the ten districts and their respective Heavenly Path. Emperor Raiah was already a superior cultivator even before the birth of the ten districts. The man managed to keep the extraterrestrial demons at bay with his impressive skills and powers. He even gave the supreme leader of the extraterrestrial demons a critical hit during their battle.”

“Emperor Raiah’s signature skill, the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, is the prized treasure of the Boundless Arena. As for the Chaos Arena…

The old man paused for a moment. Then, he continued,” Most of you are probably aware that the supreme leader of the extraterrestrial demons is the strongest amongst its kind. Even Emperor Raiah had faced various difficulties as he tried to exterminate the extraterrestrial demons’ supreme leader.

“The treasure offered in the Chaos Arena is the signature skill created by the supreme leader of the extraterrestrial demons. It was somehow obtained by Emperor Raiah in the past. Even an exceptional cultivator like Emperor Raiah was astounded by this skill called the Herstellen Art.”

The old man’s deep and steady voice rang across the space around him and through the ten districts with the help of the live broadcast.

“Now that we are combining both arenas, we will pause the Boundless Arena Battle and open the passage to the Chaos Arena. All living beings of any cultivation rank are welcome to enter the Chaos Arena.”

As soon as the hunched gentleman had finished saying that, the crowd before him noticed how the arena around them transformed into a place that seemed just like the outside world. They could see the tall mountains and wide lands

around them. The cultivators could also detect the presence of bodies of water such as rivers and oceans in that realm.

“This is the Chaos Arena. Numerous boons are hidden in different spots of the arena. The rules of the battle in the Chaos Arena are straightforward. Cultivators will receive a clue about the treasure once they defeat a set number of opponents. You can gain more clues by winning more battles against other cultivators.

“The entrance to the Chaos Arena is now officially open!”

Upon hearing the announcement, innumerable cultivators from either prominent or secret clans and organizations teleported and materialized in the Chaos Arena one after the other to join the battle.

James turned his head and met Wynton’s eyes.

‘Things are becoming more and more interesting.” Wynton flashed him a smile.

James rolled his eyes. “How are you still smiling? How are we going to win when more and more Chaos Rank cultivators are joining the battle?”

Wynton let out a chuckle. “So what? You can overpower Chaos Rank cultivators with your current level of powers, right?”

‘You have a point.” James grinned.

On the other hand, the man in the gold-colored robe seemed to have lost his interest in Wynne Dalganus’ treasure.

“You were lucky, Byron. I won’t fight you for that treasure anymore. I’m reserving my powers to win the Tenfold

Realms Transcendent Sutra and the Herstellen Art.”

Byron cast the man an icy glance. “Biff Jumanne, do you seriously think you’re that great? Did you really think I’d be afraid to take you on?”

“Heh!” Biff snickered and left.

After that, Byron teleported toward the piece of white jade. His hand was shaking as he slowly reached out and took the item.

“I got it… I finally managed to retrieve my ancestor’s legacy and fulfill my life-long mission! I don’t have to remain in my current cultivation rank anymore. I’ll conduct a closed-door meditation right away and try to enter the Quasi Chaos Rank or Chaos Rank before the battle at the Chaos Arena begins!”


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