The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4893

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4893-Yardos lifted his palm and produced the sacred scroll from the Presta District.

Ever since the secrets about the sacred scrolls had gotten out, it had become extremely difficult for James to obtain the rest of the sacred scrolls. Therefore, James was very surprised and thrilled to see Yardos with a brand new scroll.

“I only have one from the Presta District. The secret of these scrolls had spread across the nine districts by the time I was heading to the next district. Naturally, none of the district leaders are willing to let go of their scrolls anymore,” Yardos explained.

“You’ve done more than enough for me.” James took the scroll from Yardos and expressed his sincere gratitude. “I can’t thank you enough, Yardos.”

“It’s nothing. We need your help to secure the future of the Human Race. Go ahead and conduct your meditation then,” Yardos said.

James smiled and nodded firmly. Then, he teleported and reappeared in a secluded area deep in the mountains. After checking his surroundings, James put up the time formation and another formation to seal off his aura.

The passage to the Chaos Arena was set to be open for an epoch. Once the time was up, the passage would be sealed as they commenced the battle of the Chaos Arena.

An epoch was hardly enough for James to finish his training. James had to learn and master the contents of the Presta District’s sacred scroll. Apart from that, he had planned to enter the Boundless Pagoda, learn the cultivation method recorded on the sixth level, and activate the seventh form of the Boundless Pagoda.

Eventually, it was time to close the passage to the Chaos Arena. The guardian of the Chaos Arena made an announcement after an epoch had passed.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the battle commences now. I must warn everyone that you are joining the battles at your own risk. There’s a chance that participants may lose their lives during these battles. With that being said, you may choose to leave the arena at any time.”

Somewhere within the Chaos Arena, a group of cultivators had gathered inside a building atop a spiritual mountain. Among those men, Lucius, the leader of the Hazeaf District, was the most prominent figure. In addition, the leaders of the Welkin District, Theos District, and Kapron District were present in the hall as well. Those men had also brought along a number of their men from their respective sects to the meeting.

“James Caden is too powerful. We shouldn’t act hastily.”

“He’s exceeded each of us in terms of powers.”

“Let’s stick to our plan and use his family’s safety to threaten him. We need to make him tell us the cultivation methods of the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and the sacred scrolls.”

While the four district leaders were discussing their plans to bring down James, Wyot materialized in the hall. He raised his hand and transferred a group of people into the hall the next instant, including Thea, Maxine, James’ children, and relatives. Wyot had sealed all of those people’s cultivation base.

“Master, I’ve brought James Caden’s wife, children, and some of his family members here.” Wyot bowed slightly.


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