The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4907

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4907-Teresa looked at him and asked, “How about to work together?”

“Us, working together?” Yardos snorted.

Teresa said calmly, “You’re powerful and fought four opponents at the Chaos Rank, with one of them being at the Chaos Transcendere Rank. You weren’t even at a

disadvantage. I believe you’re capable of presiding over the future situation.

“Although it’s rather peaceful now, chaos will break out very soon. A peerless powerhouse needs to step up and take charge of the situation. I know where the Endlos Heart is located. If we join forces, I can bring you to the Endlos

Heart. After you become the Endlos Lord, you can suppress the hidden sects.”

Teresa’s offer was incredibly tempting. However, Yardos was not moved at all.

Yardos had no interest in authority, fame, and fortune.

“No, thank you.” Yardos calmly rejected her.

Teresa’s eyes filled with hostility.

“Since you refuse to work with me, that leaves me no choice.”

Teresa revealed her murderous intent.

Yardos already had his guard up against Teresa. After sensing her hostility, he sneered, “You think you can kill me?”

“I admit that you’re very strong. Even powerhouses from the hidden sects might not be able to defeat you. However, you’re injured right now. A cultivator at the Quasi Chaos Rank is more than enough to kill you now.”

Yardos also knew he was seriously injured and would die if he were to continue fighting. He wanted to avoid fighting with Teresa, so he quickly cast the Blithe Omniscience.

Then, he disappeared from her sight.

“Haha.” Teresa chuckled.

At that moment, a few bright inscriptions emerged from her palm. Then, they gradually merged into a weird rune and submerged into the void.

Yardos quickly appeared in another region of the Chaos Battlefield with the Blithe Omniscience. However, the Chaos Battlefield was relatively small.

He had not accomplished his goal yet and could not leave the Chaos Battlefield. Therefore, his only option was to find a place within the Chaos Battlefield to recuperate.

Yardos entered a dense forest and hid his aura. He found a place that seemed somewhat safe and began to treat his injuries.

However, a mysterious rune suddenly appeared and enveloped him. Yardos felt a crushing pressure on his body, making it hard to breathe.

“Haha.” Teresa appeared in front of Yardos and chuckled. She looked at him and said smilingly,” What’s the point of being powerful, Yardos? You’re still so easily trapped with just a rune.”

Yardos’ face darkened. He kept trying to break free. However, his injuries were severe, and he was exhausted. The more he struggled, the more powerful the rune became. A powerful force snaked through his limbs and bones, causing him excruciating pain.

Teresa walked overt© him and sealed his cultivation base. Then, she waved her hand, teleporting him into a Space Treasure. After trapping Yardos, she disappeared from the area.

Shortly after, a woman in a purple dress walked out of the darkness.

It was none other than Waleria.

Waleria had a solemn expression after witnessing everything.


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