The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4908

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4908-The Chaos Arena had opened, and almost all powerhouses had entered. Meanwhile, living beings outside the Chaos Arena were paying attention to the battle.

After the Chaos Arena had activated, the biggest highlight was not a battle between the powerhouses from the hidden sects. Instead, the four district leaders who united to create Mount Stoyan in order to capture James won everyone’s attention.

After Yardos and his comrades’ defeat, the battle caused considerable commotion. Everyone was looking forward to James’ appearance.

Even though James’ cultivation rank was nothing impressive, he had shown incredible strength in the Boundless Arena. Therefore, everyone looked forward to seeing James and how he would handle the situation.

Meanwhile, in a mysterious place in the Ten Districts, a chubby cultivator was sitting atop a spiritual mountain shrouded by a potent formation.

He was in a daze due to his boredom.

The man was none other than Henrik.

After Henrik left the Chaos District and entered the Endlos, he encountered spatial turbulence and was transported to a mysterious place. He had been trapped ever since and was unable to escape.

Within the formation, Henrik found many signature skills. He had mastered them and entered the Chaos Rank. Yet, he still could not leave.

“Someone come save me already.” Henrik sighed helplessly.

Suddenly, the formation weakened, and the spiritual mountain began to tremble.

Henrik stood up excitedly. However, his joy did not last long as he sensed someone entering the formation. Before he could react, the formation had closed up again.

He appeared in front of the intruder with a flash. The person who entered the formation was an elderly monk who looked disheveled and wore a tattered robe.

Henrik stared at the man before him.

The man also looked at Henrik in shock. He rubbed his bald head and murmured, “What’s going on? Why is someone else in here?”

Henrik asked, “Who are you?”

“That’s my question. Also, how did you get into my dojo?”

Surprised, Henrik asked, “This is your dojo?”

The spiritual mountain was incredibly magical and was protected by a powerful formation. Moreover, there were countless signature skills related to Rune Arts.

Henrik had been practicing within the formation and entered the Chaos Rank. He was startled after learning that he was trapped within someone else’s dojo.

The elderly man rolled his eyes and said, “Of course. How else did I enter? Answer my question. Who are you, and how did you get in?”

Henrik immediately replied, “I have no idea how I got here. I was somehow teleported here by coincidence and couldn’t leave. Since it’s your dojo, you can let me out, right? Hurry and let me out. I have really important matters to settle right now.”

The elderly monk was Zeno, the number one Rune Arts Grandmaster during Emperor Raiah’s era.

After meeting Sancho’s remnant soul, he discovered a lot about himself. After remembering his identity, he recovered a lot of his memories. After recalling that he had a dojo, he searched his way back to it.

He wanted to return to the dojo to see if he could recall anything else.

Zeno examined Henrik and learned everything about his past experiences.

After seeing James appearing in Henrik’s memories, he asked, “You’re acquainted with James?”

Henrik’s body jerked in shock. He asked, “You’ve met James before?”

Zeno did not explain. He looked at Henrik and nodded with satisfaction. “Not bad. You’ve got quite the potential. Since you’re here, it must be fate for you to inherit my skills. I’ll give you my greatest creation.”

Henrik stared at the unreliable-looking monk and refused instantly. “I just want to leave. Also, you haven’t told me how you know about James.”


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