The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4932

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4932-Several Grand Patriarchs of the ancient Orthodox sensed that Taran killed the guardians upon exiting the mountain.

They knew Taran’s reputation. Taran was only weaker than Emperor Raiah. He did not even show up during the invasion of the Extraterrestrial Demons. However, here he was now.

Based on many powerhouses’ opinions, Taran came out of the mountain because something attracted him.

Somewhere in the Chaos Battlefield, James took out a few clues he obtained previously and looked at them.

Nonetheless, the clues he obtained were not complete.

From the clues, he could not find out the whereabouts of the Herstellen Art. To know the location of the Herstellen Art, he needed to find complete clues.


At this moment, a shadow appeared silently.

James and Henrik did not sense any fluctuations of aura. It was only when a middle-aged man appeared before them that they sensed his aura.

“Who are you?”

James and Henrik spoke at the same time. They could not help but step backward. Warily, they stared at the middle- aged man before them.

The middle-aged man was Taran.

Taran scanned James. He could not extrapolate James. Nevertheless, upon seeing James, he could see through James.

After learning about James’ cultivation rank, Taran frowned.

“You’re in the Quasi Chaos Rank. Why are you so weak?”

Taran thought that James was an amazing powerhouse since the latter obtained Emperor Raiah’s inheritance and cultivated the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and sacred scrolls.

James’ actual cultivation base disappointed Taran.

With James’ current cultivation base, Taran could easily kill James.

Upon sensing Taran’s unfriendly gaze, James was taken aback, but he calmed down quickly. Looking at Taran, he asked, “You are?”

Casually, Taran said, “How much of Emperor Raiah’s signature skill have you comprehended?”


James did not expect Taran to ask this question the moment he appeared.

Judging by how Taran knew that James comprehended Emperor Raiah’s signature skill, Taran must not be a simple person.

Besides, with James’ cultivation rank, he could not see through Taran. Upon facing such a terrifying powerhouse, he dared not act recklessly.

Stunned, he responded truthfully, “Among the ten sacred scrolls, I have cultivated seven. I have cultivated the power of Seven Path Techniques.”

Facing Taran, whose cultivation base was unfathomable, James did not hide anything from him.

“Only seven?”

Taran slightly frowned as he asked, “How long will it take you to cultivate the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra?”

James did not know what Taran meant.

Confused, he asked, ‘What do you mean?”

“I don’t want to take advantage of your weak cultivation rank. I’ll give you time to cultivate the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra. I will fight against you then.”

Taran stated his purpose directly.

He came to challenge James.

To be exact, he was here to challenge the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra.

At that time, his Supernatural Power was not successful. Hence, he lost to Emperor Raiah.

When he finally refined his Supernatural Power, the Extraterrestrial Demons had already retreated, and the whereabouts of Emperor Raiah became unknown. Thus, he did not have a chance to prove that his signature skill could compare to the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra.

The appearance of Taran confused James.

Henrik whispered from James’ side, “He’s here to challenge you.”

James came back to his senses. Taking a deep breath, he smiled. “You must be joking. Your cultivation base is unfathomable. Even if I cultivated the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, I would not be your match.” “Of course, you aren’t my match.”


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