The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4943

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4943-The inscriptions left by Emperor Raiah adorned the Chaos Tablet, allowing it to repair itself rapidly whenever cracks appeared on its surface.

However, the powerhouses within the Chaos Space were too powerful, like Taran, who matched Emperor Raiah in strength. Consequently, the seal on the Chaos Tablet could not withstand the fluctuations of their battle.

The battle continued for quite some time.


The Chaos Tablet collapsed, and a massive Sealing Formation emerged. As cracks spread across the formation, countless black auras began to pour out and soar into the darkness.

Hidden in the shadows, James witnessed this scene with a heavy expression.

‘It seems that Teresa’s plan has succeeded,’ he thought. He knew that Teresa intended to break the seal of the Chaos Tablet and release the Extraterrestrial Demon suppressed within it.

Now that the Chaos Tablet had been shattered, the Extraterrestrial Demon had lost the formation suppressing it and was escaping. However, the battle was far from over.

A group of powerhouses once again engaged in a fierce

battle within the Dark World, and this lasted for three thousand years. However, the aftermath of the battle continued to strengthen, expanding even after ten thousand years.

The living beings in the outside world had no idea about the expanded aftermath of the battle deep within the Dark World. However, James knew it well and was aware of the outcome of this battle.

Over twenty powerhouses besieged Taran. He slew more than a dozen of them, leaving only a few of them at his same cultivation rank who managed to escape with severe injuries.

After the battle, he disappeared, and no one knew where he had gone, not even James, who had been observing from the shadows all along.

James waited for ten thousand years more after the battle ended, but Taran never reappeared. Only then did he leave to find Henrik.

In the Dark World, Henrik sat in a lotus position in a concealed spot. He had been previously injured, but his injuries had mostly healed after ten thousand years.

“Mr. Caden,’’ Henrik called to James the moment James appeared. Henrik stood up immediately, unable to contain his curiosity. “How did the battle go?”

James replied, “Dozens of powerhouses besieged Taran. He killed more than a dozen of them, while the rest managed to escape. Taran won the battle, but he hasn’t shown up. I

guess he’s heavily injured and has found a hiding place to heal.”

“Won? Is Taran truly that powerful?” Henrik was surprised. Taran faced over twenty powerhouses, some of them at his cultivation rank. He was incredibly fearsome.

“Indeed, he’s powerful,” James admitted, taking a deep breath. He had observed the battle and understood well the formidable strength of those powerhouses from the ancient holy site.

“Mr. Caden, what do you plan to do now?” Henrik inquired.

James’ expression became grave.

“All of this was orchestrated by Teresa. I genuinely don’t know how she managed to lure these powerhouses into the Chaos Battlefield. Now that the Chaos Tablet has been shattered and the seal is broken, the Extraterrestrial Demon that was trapped has also escaped. I worry that the Ten Districts will soon be plunged into turmoil.”

James was deeply concerned. Teresa had played a devious game, turning the Ten Districts upside down all on her own. He had been worried when Teresa mentioned wanting to shift the battlefield to the Chaos District.


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