The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4945

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4945-Despite his formidable cultivation base, Wyot got lost in the Dark World. He could not find his way back, no matter how hard he tried or what methods he employed. Panic began to set in as he continued to choose different routes that only caused him to sink deeper into the abyss.

He sat on a rock in the Dark World, his handsome face etched with perplexity. He felt utterly adrift.

“Wyot Dalibor.”

Suddenly, a voice echoed through the silence, calling his name. Wyot trembled and stood up, his body quivering.

“Who… who’s there?” His voice quivered.

Regardless of whether it was an enemy or a friend calling him, it was far better than remaining alone in the Dark World.


A faint light landed, coalescing into a man.

“James…” The moment Wyot recognized James, he became so overwhelmed with emotion that he nearly cried. He

seized James’ hand and said, “Quick, take me out of this place.”

The Dark World was eerily silent and possessed a mysterious power that could erode both the body and the Divine Soul, making Wyot feel great discomfort. James’ appearance gave him a sliver of hope.

Wyot’s response left James slightly puzzled. James thought, Tm your enemy. I took your wife. Don’t get so cozy with me.’

James took a few steps back, his gaze fixed warily on Wyot.

“James, can you help me get out of here?”

It suddenly dawned on James what was happening, and he said, “Now I understand that you were lost in the Dark

World. It hasn’t been that long, has it? How can you bear being here?”

Wyot stared at James, his elation gradually settling into composure. He wished he could tear James to shreds, but James’ cultivation rank was far above his. No matter how hard he cultivated, he could not surpass James, nor could he avenge his stolen wife.

“Take me out, and we’ll consider our grievances settled. I’ll even hand over Yemima to you,” Wyot said, exhaling deeply as if a heavy burden had been lifted. This matter had weighed on him for countless epochs, and he finally felt liberated.

James sensed a change in Wyot’s demeanor. In an instant, he sealed Wyot’s cultivation base.

“What do you want to do?” Wyot asked calmly.

James asked, “Do you know anything about Teresa’s plan?”

Wyot replied, “I only know she intends to resurrect our ancestral patriarch, who was the former Endlos Lord. I don’t know the details.”

‘The Chaos Tablet has been shattered, and the Extraterrestrial Demon sealed within has escaped. Now, Teresa has allied with the Extraterrestrial Demons. Her goal is to plunge the Chaos District into chaos, turning it into a battlefield and sacrifice countless living beings to resurrect the Grand Patriarch of the Doom Race.”

Wyot spoke calmly, “So what? We only differ in our stance. If it were your wife who died, you’d go to any lengths to resurrect her. I believe you’d do the same, no matter the cost.”

“I would do anything to resurrect her, but I wouldn’t use the others’ lives as a price,” James asserted.


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