The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4969

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4969-Xezal stepped backward after seeing James about to take action and said frantically, “Wait, James…”

James halted in his tracks, looked at her, and asked, “Now that things have come to this, what else do you have to say?”

Xezal wanted to say something but was at a loss for words.

James continued to approach her. He wanted to pressure her and force Mekaisto to appear. As soon as Mekaisto shows up, the truth will be revealed, and everyone watching the battle will know what decision to make.

“Help me, Mekaisto!” Xezal was left with no choice. She shouted to the voice, “If you don’t take action now, I’ll die!”

The cultivators in the distance immediately understood the situation after hearing her words. It was clear the one colluding with the Extraterrestrial Demon was Xezal.

Youri asked furiously, “Are you really responsible for everything, Xezal? Why did you collude with the Extraterrestrial Demons? The Dooms’ reputation we’ve made in the past eons has been ruined because of you!”

Xezal replied coldly, “What do you know?”

The powerhouses that were watching in the distance quickly surrounded Xezal.

“Hand over the Endlos Heart, and we’ll spare you, Xezal.” “It’s useless to resist at this point, Xezal.”

The powerhouses spoke ruthlessly to Xezal.

“Haha!!!” Xezal laughed out loud despite being besieged.

Her initial goal was to buy time until the formation was fully activated. However, she could no longer do so and had no choice but to reveal her true intentions.

At that moment, black clouds suddenly appeared throughout the Chaos Districts. Then, countless monsters emerged, opened their mouths, and swallowed a few planets, instantly killing the inhabitants. The same situation occurred all over the Chaos District.

Meanwhile, a few black holes appeared around the collapsed Mount Chaos. Immediately afterward, a few monsters emerged from the black holes and began attacking the cultivators in the area.

“E-Extraterrestrial Demons!!!”

‘There’s…so many of them.”

The cultivators in the area were startled.

“Haha!!!” Xezal cackled.

She looked terrifying as she made a menacing smile. The sacred-looking light around her body instantly darkened, giving her the appearance of a powerful demon.

“This is all because of you, James. They didn’t have to die so soon, but I’ve no choice now.” Xezal face darkened.


In the distant void, several explosions happened consecutively.

The powerhouses were fighting against the monster that had appeared. Even though the monsters were powerful, they were no match for the group of powerhouses.

However, the powerhouses were outnumbered. Before they could wipe out the first wave of monsters, another wave came rushing toward them.

James’ brows furrowed. He had experienced a similar situation in the Supreme Illusions and knew the wave of monsters would not stop unless the Mothers producing them were eliminated.

James cursed out, “Damn it. You must have a death wish, Xezal!” James’ face darkened.

He cast the Blithe Omniscience, appeared before Xezal, and swung his fist at her.


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