The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4978

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4978-The destruction of the Chaos Heavenly Path caused all the Universe Heavenly Paths of the Chaos Districts to collapse. Everything in the Chaos District was no longer restrained by order. Day and night were reversed, and it was difficult to tell the time.

The Chaos District was out of order, and abnormal phenomenons began to occur in all the different universes.

Now that the Ten Thousand Demon Formation was fully activated, a terrifying force began to sweep the Chaos District.

James frowned after sensing the formation’s power.

He immediately realized why Mekaisto had yet to show up. It was because he was secretly activating the formation.

James casually waved his hand and cast a Supernatural Power. He immediately gathered the powerhouses from the Heavenly Court scattered all over the Chaos District before him.

Thea immediately asked, “What’s going on, James?”

James said solemnly, “We fell into their trap. The Ten Thousand Demon Formation is Mekaisto’s ultimate trump card to sacrifice the Chaos District. It’s useless for you guys to stay in the Chaos District now.”

‘Til have to kill Mekaisto and break the Ten Thousand

Demon Formation.”

James waved his hand and used his potent powers to forcefully send away the Heavenly Court’s powerhouses. The next moment, they had returned to the Human Universe.

Even though the Ten Thousand Demon Formation was powerful, James could teleport a few people away.

Although he could send the Heavenly Court’s powerhouses out of the formation, it was impossible for him to send all the living beings in the Chaos District to safety. His only choice was to end the battle quickly.

Even if the Chaos District were to be shattered, he could use the Endlos Heart to restore it and resurrect everyone who had died.


A figure appeared before him.

The Extraterrestrial Demons’ Second Commander, Mekaisto, had finally shown himself.

Mekaisto wore a black robe and had long black hair. He was rather handsome but radiated an evil energy. He smiled menacingly at James after appearing.

James stared at Mekaistor and asked, “What benefits have Xezal given you? Why are you helping her? Why are you helping Zaden cultivate such an evil Supernatural Power?”

Mekaisto smiled and replied, “I don’t mind telling you. Zaden is cultivating a powerful cultivation method that originates from our kind. Before I was sealed, I had already made a

deal with him. I handed him the cultivation method so that he would help me escape.”

“That’s all?” James was in disbelief.

Mekaisto said calmly, “Of course, there’s more to it.

However, you won’t have the chance to know the truth.”

James looked at him disdainfully and said, “You’re no match for me. If you were in your prime, I would be wary. However, you’ve been sealed away for so long, and your strength has been significantly weakened. You don’t even have one-tenth of your strength left.”

“I don’t need one-tenth of my strength to suppress and kill you.”

Mekaisto was confident. He was the Extraterrestrial Demons ‘ Second Commander. During Emperor Raiah’s era, Emperor Raiah was the only one capable of suppressing him. Even the powerful Sword Demon and Rune Arts Grandmaster were no match for him. Therefore, he was confident in trouncing James despite only having less than one-tenth of his strength.

James’ whole body bloomed with three dazzling halos, and the powers of various Paths of heaven and earth shielded him. He summoned the Chaos Sword and infused the power of the Ten Path Techniques into the sword. At that moment, his aura was potent. Even though his opponent was the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Second Commander, he was fearless.

He pointed the Chaos Sword at Mekaisto and said confidently, “I’ll kill you, then get rid of Zaden.”

Xezal had been paying attention to James’ every move. After seeing him about to fight Mekaisto, she became anxious.

“Father, between James and Mekaisto, who do you think is stronger?” asked Xezal.


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