The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5013

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5013-Cray fell silent for a moment.

After a few minutes, he began, ‘Te’oma is the name of our village.”

“Mhm.” James nodded. “I know that.”

Cray asked, “Do you also know about the history regarding the birth of Endlos, then?”

James shook his head. “No, I don’t.”

James had only learned of the stories surrounding Emperor Raiah and his achievements in the Endlos. He knew almost

nothing about what had happened before that.

Cray stared at the young man’s face for a while. Then, he said, “At the start of the Endlos’ existence, one of its living

beings pierced through the Endlos and made an opening in it. That was also the very first time when the Extraterrestrial

Demons had attacked the Endlos.”

Cray went on to elaborate on how the Extraterrestrial Demons had invaded the Endlos in search of the three beams of

light. They were planning to unearth the ultimate secrets of the Endlos realm through those three beams of light.

Many lives were lost during that battle. Eventually, the people on the Endlos’ side managed to drive the Extraterrestrial

Demons out of Endlos.

Stone to close up the opening in the Endlos. Then, she kept the essence of the Koloretsua Stone in the Te’oma Village.

“Everyone living in the Te’oma Village is a servant of Lady Tehila. We were ordered to remain here and watch over the

Koloretsua Stone. In recent years, we could see a new life was starting to form within the stone, and we were

expecting the birth of a new being. However, your soul has fused with the Koloretsua Stone now.”

After listening to Cray’s explanation, James asked, “Who’s Lady Tehila?”

Cray did not answer his question. Instead, he stared at James with an intense gaze. “Who are you? How did you find out

about the Koloretsua Stone, and how did you know where it was?”

James paused for a few seconds. Then, he decided to share honestly. “I was named James Caden in my past life. I had

met my end when I fought with the second commander of the Extraterrestrial Demons, Mekaisto Xelqart. My powers and

cultivation base were rather insufficient at the time.

Though I had Emperor Raiah’s legacy and the Endlos Heart, I was still no match for Mekaisto.”

“In the past, I met a person who could see the future. She had seen a prediction of my future and gave me an inscription

in advance.”

“With the help of the inscription, I learned that a light beam would appear during my final battle. The light beam was one of

the three light beams, which had appeared during the creation of Endlos that the Extraterrestrial Demons were after.”

“My soul had combined with the light beam back then.

During that time, I discovered the existence of the Koloretsua Stone. After that, I started searching for the stone.”

A soft smile hung on Cray’s face as he listened to James’ stories.

I’ve heard several stories about James Caden. The man is a true hero. He is willing to sacrifice himself to save the lives of

many others.

‘He is our best option amongst the other deceased cultivators whose soul has fused with the Koloretsua Stone.

What’s more, it is almost impossible for us to remove his soul from the stone now.’ Cray pondered.

Cray started, “According to Lady Tehila, the person born from the Koloretsua Stone would become the lord of this village.

That person would also help remove the seal within the villagers’ bodies.”

James’ eyes widened.

Cray continued, “A seal has been placed in all of the Te’oma villagers’ bodies which makes it impossible for us to leave the

village too long. We can only stay in Te’oma for as long as we live. Since you are the owner of the Koloretsua Stone now,

you can try to undo the seal in our bodies and become our new lord.”

“All of you have the seal?!” James asked.

Cray nodded. “That’s not all. Even the village is placed under a seal.


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