The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5024

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5024-King Marciais was close to breaking the seal in his body, but he lacked the opportunity to cultivate in their holy site.

After losing to Emperor Raiah, he missed the opportunity and never managed to perfect the Divine Martial Scripture. Back

then, if he were the one who entered the holy site, then he would have been the one to leave Te’oma Village and not

Emperor Raiah.

He had been dispirited about it for a very long time. However, he had already looked past it now.

Curious, James asked, “Where do you plan on going?’

James wanted to know where King Marciais would go next and how he would establish his authority as well as spread the

news of Te’oma Village’s reappearance.

Zavis gave it a thought, then replied, “One entrapoch ago, there was a lot of commotion within the Endlos’ Ten Districts.

Now, only a few famous powerhouses are left, including Zaden, Thea, Taran, and one unidentified powerhouse.

Meanwhile, there are only a handful of cultivators worthy of being my opponents. Let’s head to the Chaos District and pay

the Dooms a visit. I’d like to meet Zaden Dalibor.”

Zavis looked at James and said, “Change your appearance.”

“Okay.” James nodded, then cast one of his Supernatural Powers to transform his appearance. A few moments later, he

turned into an ordinary-looking man.

“I still have ten epochs left, so I’m not in a rush to find them to fight. I’ll travel around first.”

Zavis expressed that he wanted to wait to fight the powerhouses. Since he hardly left the village, he wanted to use the

opportunity to look around in the Endlos.

James did not have any objections. He changed the topic, asking about the Divine Martial Scripture. “Please teach me

about the Divine Martial Scripture.”

Zavis looked at James and said smilingly, “The Koloretsua Stone is a magical item. It has merged with your soul but hasn’t

completely integrated yet. The Koloretsua Stone has been absorbing heaven and earth’s Essence Energy for countless

years, so it’s really powerful.

“After your soul completely integrates with the Koloretsua Stone, you’ll be able to restore your cultivation base to the

Chaos Rank. Your physical body will also activate shortly after and be able to use the power in the Koloretsua Stone. Your

physical body should be equivalent to the Chaos Completare Rank by then.

“Moreover, your soul has been absorbing nourishments within the Endlos for an entrapoch. Your current weakness is your

bloodline power. As long as your bloodline power improves, you’ll reach the fourteenth rank of the Marciais Path.

“However, I created an extremely aggressive Supernatural Power within the Divine Martial Scripture. Even I would

occasionally lose my sense of reasoning when I cast it. Thus, you’ll need to reach the Fifteenth Rank of the Marciais Path

to have complete control over it.

‘There’s not much I can teach you right now. I’m only able to guide you in improving your Marciais Path. After you reach

the fourteenth rank of the Marciais Path, I’ll guide you in cultivating the Divine Martial Scripture.”

James nodded lightly in response.

King Marciais reached out and said, “Give me the Herstellen Art you’ve acquired. After comprehending it, I might be able

to enter the fifteenth rank of the Marciais Path.”

James said, “The fifteenth rank of the Marciais Path isn’t impressive either. It’s only equivalent to the Chaos Completare


King Marciais rolled his eyes and said, ‘Throughout history, very few have entered the Chaos Completare Rank. My

cultivation base is currently at the Chaos Completare Rank. If I enter the fifteenth rank of the Marciais Path as well, I might

be able to break through heaven and earth’s restriction and successfully enter the Sovereign Rank.”

James did not make any further comments on the matter. Instead, he said, “I can’t give you the Endlos Light because it

has already integrated with my soul. I can only teach you my understanding of it.”

King Marciais frowned slightly. He needed the Endlos Light, not James’ understanding of it.

The Endlos Light contained the ultimate secret and meaning

of the Endlos. Everyone walked a different cultivation journey. Thus, everyone would comprehend different things from the

Endlos Light.

‘Then, could you let me peek into your soul?” King Marciais looked at James, waiting for his answer. He reassured James,

saying, “Don’t worry. I’ll only look for the Endlos Light and won’t invade your privacy.”

James trusted King Marciais. Although this was their first meeting, James could tell he was very frank.


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