The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5033

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5033-“Mount Origin was also robbed.”

Several powerful sects within the Endlos suffered from the vicious hands of King Marciais and James. However, the two

had only robbed them of their Empyrean herbs and did not take anyone’s life.

After some time, the Orstellen Sect’s King Marciais and Grand Priest spread throughout the Endlos’ Ten Districts.

Powerhouses speculated about the Orstellen Sect’s origin and purpose in organizing the Orstellen Convention.

After traveling around for a while, James and King Marciais returned to the Chaos District.

Now that they had traveled all over the Endlos’ Ten Districts, King Marciais wanted to fight Zaden Dalibor.

James sat in an empty field somewhere in the Chaos District. He cultivated wholeheartedly within a time formation.

After looting Empyrean herbs from various sects and families throughout the Ten Districts, James began to absorb and

refine their powers. His strength continued to improve, and his bloodline power was on a constant rise.

His goal was to reach the Chaos Omnia Rank and Marciais Path’s thirteenth rank.

James easily entered the Chaos Omnia Rank and Marciais Path’s thirteenth rank, improving his strength to a higher level.

“That’s too fast.”

Even a powerhouse like King Marciais was surprised by James’ improvement. He had never seen a cultivator improve so

rapidly before, especially in the Marciais Path.

He was the creator of the Marciais Path, so he knew how hard it was to improve. However, James had improved from the

Marciais Path’s Eleventh Rank to the thirteenth rank in a very short period. At this rate, James would eventually catch up

to him at the Marciais Path’s fourteenth rank. James might even reach the Marciais Path’s fifteenth rank before him.

King Marciais felt slightly dispirited at the thought. He had created the Marciais Path, but he would be ashamed if James

were to reach the fifteenth rank before him.

James dispersed his aura and the time formation. Then, he looked at the dispirited King Marciais and asked, “What’s


“N-Nothing,” King Marciais snapped out of his thoughts and said, “I was just extrapolating to find out what kind of

treasures could help you improve your bloodline power so that you can reach the Marciais Path’s Fourteenth Rank.”

“What’s the result?” James was intrigued.

King Marciais sat on a rock and said, “We’ve looted almost

all the Empyrean herbs within the Ten Districts to help you enter the Chaos Omnia Rank and Marciais Path’s Thirteenth

Rank. There aren’t many treasures left in the Endlos and not enough to support you into the fourteenth rank. If you

cultivate normally, it’ll take a very long time.”

“Cut to the chase.”

King Marciais smiled and said, “I’ve found an Empyrean herb with the Dooms.”

“Really?” James was excited.

King Marciais replied, “Yeah. The Empyrean herb appeared after Zaden became the Endlos Lord again. When he became

the Endlos Lord, the Endlos’ luck gathered within the Dooms’ territory. The Empyrean herb formed because of the potent

luck gathered there. It’s called the Lucky Flower. However…”

After a brief pause, King Marcais continued, saying,” Although the Lucky Flower is magical, it’s not enough to help you

enter the Chaos Essencia Rank and the Maciais Path’s Fourteenth Rank. We’ll still need to travel to the Human Universe,

Mount Hazeaf, and Mount Hetsema.

These places have rare herbs that should be able to help you enter the Chaos Essencia Rank and the Maciais Path’s

fourteenth rank.”

“According to the locations you’ve mentioned, I suppose you’re going to challenge Zaden, Thea, Taran, and Emperor


King Marciais said smilingly, “Wasn’t that the main purpose of my trip all along?”

“They’re all at the Chaos Completare Rank. Are you sure?” asked James.

King Marcias smiled in response. Then, he stood up and said, “Let’s go to the Doom Universe first.”


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