The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5039

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5039-The Heavenly Court’s powerhouses had gathered to discuss the incident in the Dooms.

“I’ve just received news that Zaden was defeated. The Orstellen Sect’s King Marciais had beaten him in just one move.

Then, the Orstellen Sect looted their Empyrean herbs and took the Lucky Flower born from the Dooms’ luck.”

Jacopo sat at the highest seat with a worried expression. He said, ‘The Orstellen Sect has already gone to many other

sects and families. Since the Human Universe is close to the Chaos District, they’ll definitely come to us next.”

He looked at Thea beside him and asked, “What should we do, Mom?”

Thea was also at a loss. Her strength could overpower Zaden if he did not have the Endlos Power. However, she could

only fight to a draw with him when he possessed the Endlos Heart.

King Marciais had suppressed Zaden with just one move. Thea knew she would not be a match against him if he were to

come to the Human Universe.

“Reporting!” At that moment, a guard frantically entered the main hall.

“The Orstellen Sect’s King Marciais and Grand Priest have come to visit!”

Jacopo and Thea immediately stood up.

Thea frowned and said, ‘What we feared has already come. Let’s go meet them.”

After speaking, she left the main hall.

The other powerhouses followed closely behind her.

Soon, they arrived at the South Heaven Gate.

James and King Marciais were waiting outside the South Heaven Gate.

King Marciais said smilingly, ‘The Heavenly Court looks pretty impressive. Look at the South Heaven Gate. It looks so


Suddenly, Thea appeared with many powerhouses.

Upon seeing Thea, James was overwhelmed with joy and subconsciously took a few steps forward.

“Ahem. Grand Priest.” King Marciais coughed.

James recollected himself and stepped back.

King Marciais looked at Thea and said smilingly, “Indeed. She’s gorgeous. It’s no wonder you’ve taken an interest in her.

“Your name is Thea, right? Our Grand Priest likes you. You can come with him.”

‘What are you doing, Zavis?” James was embarrassed.

Thea was going to scold him when he revealed his identity to her.

“Presumptuous!” Jacopo stepped forward and said coldly, ” This is the Human Universe, not the Orstellen Sect! In our

territory, you follow our rules!”

“You’ve no right to interfere, young man.” King Marciais raised his hand and was about to teach Jacopo a lesson.

However, he held back after remembering that Jacopo was James’ son.

King Marciais smiled and said, “I’ll give you two choices, Thea. One, you come with the Grand Priest, or two, I destroy the

Human Universe.”

James stood behind him speechlessly. Thea was already his wife, so the current situation was unnecessary.

Thea’s aura suddenly increased, and a few mysterious inscriptions flowed on her body’s surface.

‘The Herstellen Art?” James immediately sensed a familiar aura from her.

The inscriptions on Thea’s body were the same as those in the Endlos Light.

James took a few steps forward, looked at Thea, and asked, “How come you have inscriptions from the Endlos Light?

Have you already understood the ultimate meaning of the Endlos?”

Thea was shocked by his words. The Endlos Light was a secret that very few knew about. Only a few core members of

the Human Race were aware of the Endlos Light, so how

does the Orstellen Sect’s Grand Priest find out about it?

Thea stared at James and asked, “You’re the Orstellen Sect’s Grand Priest?”

Before James could reply, King Marciais interrupted, saying, “Yes! He’s the Orstellen Sect’s Grand Priest, and a once-inan -era prodigy. You’ll have a good life if you marry him.”

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