The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5045

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5045-The group continued to move forward in the Endlos Void.

Soon, they arrived at the place where Wyot lived in seclusion.

The area was at the Dark World’s edge and was shrouded in black mist.

‘The Dark Power here is uncomfortable.”

King Marciais frowned. He waved his hand, and a powerful force emerged to disperse the black mist in the area.

Mount Hetsema emerged before their eyes.

Many living beings could be seen cultivating near Mount Hetsema.

Wyot had reached the Chaos Completare Rank and was one of the most powerful cultivators in the Endlos. Therefore, a

lot of the Endlos’ luck and energy of heaven and earth would gather where he stayed, making Mount Hetsema an

excellent place for cultivating. As a result, many cultivators were attracted to the place.

“What happened?”

“Why did the black mist disappear?”

Everyone gathered near Mount Hetsema was confused.

At that moment, three figures appeared.

“T-That’s Orstellen Sect’s King Marciais and Grand Priest!”

‘The Human Race’s matron, Thea, is with them.

“What is Thea doing with them?”

The living beings gathered knew about the Orstellen Sect’s King Marciaias and Grand Priest. However, they were

unaware that Thea had been kidnapped since the news had not reached them yet.

“Are you here, Emperor Hetsema? Come out and fight me.”

King Marciais appeared, and his voice echoed throughout the area.

Carson immediately arrived at the wooden house atop Mount Hetsema after hearing King Marciais’ voice.

Wyot stood up and looked at the three cultivators outside of Mount Hetsema.

He had heard about King Marciais’ recent activities but had never met him. Amongst the group, Wyot noticed a familiar

face and frowned. He murmured, “Why is Thea here?”

Carson said with urgency, “You must take action immediately. King Marciais has become very famous throughout the

Endlos’ Ten Districts recently. After you defeat him, announce that you will be leaving seclusion. Then, defeat Zaden to

seize the Endlos Heart and become the Endlos Lord.”

From Carson’s point of view, it was the perfect opportunity for Wyot to leave seclusion.

However, Wyot did not reply to him. He walked through the void and stepped out of Mount Hetsema. Carson followed

closely behind him.

Soon, the two appeared outside Mount Hetsema.

“Wyot, Carson?” James frowned. He was not expecting Emperor Hetsema to be Wyot.

“Carson?” Thea was also stunned.

She stepped forward and said concernedly, “So you’ve been hiding here all along, Carson. We’ve been looking for you for

a long time. You should return to the Human Universe with me.”

Thea knew that Carson was James’ child. She had been searching for him but could not find any traces of him.

King Marciais noticed the unusual atmosphere and secretly performed an extrapolation. After gaining a clear picture of the

situation, he said smilingly, “I wasn’t expecting to meet James’ illegitimate child here.”

“Ahem!” James wanted to speak but was interrupted by King Marciais.

James had no choice but to step behind King Marciais.

Carson shouted, “What are you doing? Hurry and kill King Marciais and Thea.”

However, Wyot floated in the sky and said calmly, “I’ve been living in seclusion here, not interfering with outside affairs.

So, what brings you here?”


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