The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5071

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5071-Thea, Henrik, Yardos, and the other human cultivators materialized one after the other as they detected James’ aura in that area.

“Saint Zuriel.” Thea stepped forward and asked in a steely voice, “You’ve said that you’ll tell us where James Caden is after we come to the Orstellen Sect.

We’ve waited here for at least two epochs now.

Isn’t it about time you tell us where he is now?” On the other hand, Henrik was curious about the Orstellen Convention.

“Saint Zuriel, can you share some tips or information about the Orstellen Realm with us?” Henrik’s eyes twinkled with mischief.

“James Caden?” An enigmatic smile hung on James’ face as he asked, “Do you want to see him that badly? What’s so great about that guy? Aren’t I a much better man compared to him?” “That’s right!” Hetsema butted in, “His Holiness is so much better than James Caden in every aspect! Besides, that man is probably dead anyway.

You should just accept Saint Zuriel’s proposal and marry him!” “what nonsense is he going on about?!” “Do you want us to kick you out here right away, Hetsema?!”” Jacopo and the others shouted angrily at Hetsema after hearing his words.

“T don’t even feel intimidated by you guys in the slightest.” Hetsema appeared completely unruffled.

“If I were the Human Race’s lord and received the blessings of the Human Race’s providence, I would have moved into the higher Chaos Ranks by now.” “Enough with the quarreling!” Thea called out in a stern tone.

As everyone else fell silent, Thea fixed her gaze on James.

“Where is James Caden?” James’ grin broadened.

“Hand over the Endlos Light if you wish to know where James Caden is.” Thea frowned slightly upon hearing his demand.

“What’s the matter?” James smirked.

“Does the Endlos Light actually matter more to you than James Caden does?” Thea considered it for a while.

Then, she answered, “Alright.

I’ll hand over the Endlos Light.” With a simple mental command, Thea conjured the Endlos Light.

A light beam appeared a few steps away from James the next instant.

James turned his eyes to Thea’s face and assumed his true appearance.

“It’s me.

I’m the real James Caden.” Thea’s expression darkened as she watched the man before her transform into James.

“Are you kidding me?” The others were also staring at James with cold looks of caution and suspicion.

All of them could sense James’ aura and recognize his face from the man before them.

However, none of them were convinced that Saint Zuriel and James were the same person.

Most of them were certain that James would have let them know at some point if he had been impersonating Saint Zuriel all this time.

James was a little flustered as he felt those gazes bore into him.

He did not expect everyone, not even Thea, to refuse to believe that he was the real deal even after James had revealed his identity.

“All of you still think I’m lying?” James chuckled.

Thea replied icily, “You may be emanating an aura that’s exactly the same as James’ aura, but I won’t be fooled.

Tell us where James is now!” Just then, James teleported and reemerged before Thea.

He reached out to place his hand against her lower back and pulled her closer to him.

Thea wanted to push James away.

However, she felt an immense energy holding her down almost instantaneously.

Thea could sense how her powers were sealed and suppressed at the moment.

There was barely any strength in her hands as she tried to struggle free from James’ embrace.


Let me go!” James lowered his gaze and said teasingly, “What if 1 don’t want to?” “You bastard!” Noel conjured a sword and teleported toward James at that moment.

However, his powers were clearly no match for James’.

Before he could get close enough to James, Noel was frozen to the spot by James’ powers.

“Saint Zuriel, is this truly proper conduct as a saint of the Orstellen Sect? Do you have no care for the Orstellen Sect’s reputation?” Henrik said in a cold voice.

James gave a weary sigh and repeated, “As I’ve said, I’m the real James Caden.” Unfortunately, the human cultivators were firm in their stance.

They just could not believe the words of a man who had abducted Thea and robbed the Heavenly Court of their precious herbs previously.


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