The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5098-5099

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5098-Xezal had a very conflicting feeling after learning the identity of the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander.

She took a deep breath and said, “N-No.

May I ask for your name?” “It’s Larix Mavfta.” Xezal called out to him respectfully, “Alright, Sir Larix.” “Tell me about your plan,” asked Larix.

Xezal explained, “We’ll help you open the formation from the inside and allow your army to enter the district.

James is really powerful, so we need you to destroy the Human Race.

Larix looked at Xezal and asked calmly, “What do you get from this?” Xezal replied calmly, “Nothing.

We just don’t want the humans to have peace.” After reaching an agreement, the two began to discuss a detailed plan.

Their plan was rather straightforward.

The Alliance Army would open the formation and allow the Extraterrestrial Demons inside the district.

Then, the Extraterrestrial Army would deal with James and the Human Race.

As for how to eliminate James and the Human Race, it was up to Larix.

“By the way…” Before leaving, Xezal reminded him, “When you show up, it’s best to wear a disguise, or else your reincarnated self will be in trouble.” Larix was confused by her words, unsure why Xezal would say such a thing.

Xezal did not give Larix a further explanation since he would most likely not believe her anyway.

Larix would not believe his Extraterrestrial Army had already been defeated and forced to retreat.

Neither would he easily accept they were merely within an illusion of the past that Lady Tehila had created with her powers.

Xezal turned and left the hall.

She sighed in relief and murmured, “T didn’t expect you to be the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander.

You’ve hid it so well and didn’t expose yourself even during the Extraterrestrial Demons’ second invasion into the Endlos.” Xezal smiled faintly, satisfied to have learned of the Great Commander’s identity.

In the future, she would have another advantage.

She could secure many benefits when the Extraterrestrial Demons invaded again.

Shortly after, she left the Dark World.

Meanwhile, the series of events left the Orstellen Sect’s powerhouses confused.

“what happened?” “Why couldn’t we see what Xezal was doing in the Dark World?” “This is strange.

Since she was still inside the Orstellen Realm, we should be able to see everything.” The disciples of the Orstellen Sect frowned.

King Marciais’ brows were also furrowed tightly.

He looked at Cray and inquired, “What was that about?” After giving it a thought, Cray replied, “There must bea mysterious power blocking us from seeing it.

The person preventing us from gaining insight into these matters must be as strong as Lady Tehila.

He’s preventing us from seeing the person Xezal had met with in the Dark World.” “So a powerhouse at the Sovereign Rank is interfering?” King Marciais frowned and muttered, “I need to find out who Xezal had met with in the Dark World.” King Marciais was a powerhouse at the peak of the Chaos Completare Rank and creator of the Marciais Path.

He was only one step away from entering the Sovereign rank.

He believed he could bypass the power of a powerhouse at the Sovereign Rank and gain insight into the matter.

At that moment, his aura instantly skyrocketed.

His powerful Zen entered the Orstellen Realm, trying to find the truth.

Boom!!! Amass of power exploded in his mind, causing a loud bang.

His aura immediately dispersed.

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5099-King Marciais fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Cray, who was beside him, said, “It’s useless.

The person behind it will not allow anyone to gain insight into these matters.

Unless you’ve reached the Sovereign Rank, it’s impossible to find out the truth.” King Marciais was in disbelief.

He was only one step away from the Sovereign Rank, but the disparity in strength was too wide.

Despite his reluctance to give up, there was no point trying again since he had already failed.

He murmured solemnly, “Who exactly is the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander?” Cray said, “His identity doesn’t matter.

He’s merely a commander and a pawn in a greater scheme.

The mastermind is the really terrifying one.

He is trying every possible means to obtain the Endlos Lights and the Herstellen Art.

There must be a shocking secret hidden from them.

Our job is just to stop him.” Meanwhile, James led his powerhouses to attack the Orstellen Realm’s universes that the Alliance Army had conquered.

His army was unstoppable and consecutively took over a few universes.

On the other hand, Xezal had returned to their headquarters.

Many powerhouses were waiting for her.

Upon seeing her, everyone stood up excitedly.

Zaden asked anxiously, “How did it go?” The other powerhouses looked at her eagerly.

Xezal smiled faintly and responded, “Everything’s settled.

Now, we must destroy the formation and let the Extraterrestrial Demons into the district.

Then, we can leave the rest to them.

“After we destroy the formation, we’ll watch them fight.

No matter the outcome of the battle, both sides will suffer heavy losses.

Ultimately, we’ll be the biggest winners.” Xezal shared the details of their plan.

“Haha! Good job.

You’ve contributed greatly to the destruction of the Human Race.” Zaden laughed and praised her.

Xezal smiled faintly, then said, “It’s still too early to celebrate.

We must destroy the formation as soon as possible.” Zaden said smilingly, “It’s difficult to destroy the formation from the outside, but it’s relatively easy to get done from the inside.

I’ve already investigated the formation.

It uses a few major universes as its core.

As long as we can find and destroy the formation’s Eyes, we can deactivate the formation.

“Then, I’ll leave it to you.” Xezal left after leaving a few words.

She headed to her temporary residence and began to devise a plan for the Extraterrestrial Demons’ next invasion to secure enough benefits.

Meanwhile, Zaden quickly made arrangements.

He ordered powerhouses to find the formations’ Eyes and destroy them.

Although the Human Race had conquered many universes, they had yet to take over all of them.

Therefore, the Alliance Army had enough time to destroy the formation’s Eyes.

While James and his army continued occupying the universes with overwhelming force, a loud rumbling sound suddenly came from a certain universe.

Boom!!! James immediately sensed the fluctuation in the formation and the weakening of its power.

His expression immediately changed, and he cursed, “Those bastards!” The other powerhouses also noticed the formation’s weakening.

“The Alliance Army is trying to destroy the formation!” “what should we do? Once the formation is weakened, it would be ineffective against the Extraterrestrial Army.

The entire city would lose the formation’s protection, and the Extraterrestrial Demons would storm right in.

With our current strength, we’ve no chance to repel them.” “Will the Orstellen Realm’s trial end with nobody successfully passing the trial? Will nobody become the Orstellen Sect’s Leader and obtain the Orstellen Art?” “What should we do now, James?” The human powerhouses were worried and turned to James for a solution.


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