The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5111

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5111-When James got out of the Orstellen Realm, the sect leader of the Orstellen Sect could not contain his excitement.

He said, “It’s the power of Lady Tehila.

She activated the Koloretsua Stone.” Even King Marciais sensed that James’

body was unusual.

He could sense a powerful energy in James’ body as if it were invincible.

“James.” King Marciais walked over and appeared before James.

With a smile, he asked, “What did Lady Tehila say to you?” “Nothing much.”

James did not mention a word about the things Lady Tehila left behind.

Looking at Cray, he asked, “I have completed the test.

Can I cultivate the Orstellen Art now?” “Of course.” Smiling, Cray said, “Lady Tehila activated the power of the Koloretsua Stone, proving that she

acknowledges you.

From now on, you’re the sect leader of the Orstellen Sect.” As he spoke, he knelt on one knee.

“Greetings, Sir James.” “Greetings, Sir James.” King Marciais and the Orstellen Sect disciples present knelt on one knee.


Get up.” James waved his hand.

At this moment, Zaden and the others who saw the scene had ghastly expressions.

They knew that they had lost.

From now on, they could no longer fight against the Human Race and James.

“Father, let’s go.” Timely, Xezal spoke up.

After that, she left in a hurry.

When James returned to his senses, they had already left the Orstellen Sect.

James initially wanted to use this opportunity to get rid of Xezal.

Unfortunately, she was gone.

Now, James had other important matters to attend to, including cultivating the Orstellen Art and breaking the seal of the Orstellen Sect.

He needed to break the Orstellen Sect disciples’ seal and find the Endlos Light gathered by Thea and Wyot.

Then, he could cultivate the complete Herstellen Art.

“James, congratulations.” Thea walked over with a smile.

“You did great.” “Dad, you’re amazing.” Many powerhouses of the Human Race walked over one by one.

“Mm-hmm.” With a smile, James greeted them and said, “I have some important things to do.

You guys should stay in the Orstellen Sect for now.” “James.” Taran walked over.

He was already injured from the previous fight against James.

When he fought against the Extraterrestrial Demons, his injuries became more severe.

In addition to that, he lost his spiritual body.

At this moment, his face was pale.

He did not look good.


Taran,” called out James.

“Congratulations on becoming the sect leader of the Orstellen Sect and the number one powerhouse of Endlos.

I’m going to take my leave now.

I plan to go back and recuperate.

When the Extraterrestrial Demons invade again, I won’t back down.

I will take my weapon and protect Endlos.” After that, Taran disappeared.

Looking at Wyot, James said, “Wyot, you still need to stay in the Orstellen Sect for some time.

When I deal with the problems of the Orstellen Sect, we’ll gather the three beams of the Endlos Light and study the secret of Endlos.” “Alright.” Wyot was

looking forward to it.

He also wanted to study the other two beams of the Endlos Light.

He wanted to become stronger.

The powerhouses who attended the Orstellen Convention left one after another.

Only several living beings of the Human Race stayed back.

On the other hand, James held a succession ceremony in the Orstellen Sect and became the sect leader of the Orstellen Sect.

That meant he had become the number one powerhouse of Endlos.

At the back mountain of the Orstellen Sect, James and a few core disciples of the Orstellen Sect appeared with Cray in the lead.

Ahead of them was a mysterious protective formation.

Cray said, “Sir James, the holy site of our sect is up ahead.

The holy site is an excellent place to comprehend paths.

The three beams of light were born here.

The Orstellen Art left behind by Lady Tehila is also here.”


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