The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5164

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5164-The Genesis Holy Herb was a magical existence, but two powerhouses were

fighting over it. They were only at the Sovereign Rank, and getting close to the

battlefield would be impossible. Before they could even get close, they would be

obliterated by the shockwaves.

King Marciais also dissuaded James, “We won’t be able to interfere with the

battle, let alone snatch the Genesis Holy Herb from them.”

Even so, James was unwilling to give up. He had not even entered the

Sovereign Rank yet. Although he could easily do so with his current cultivation

base, it would take a lot of work to improve afterward.

After briefly considering it, James said, “Go ahead without me. I’ll come up with

a plan to snatch the Genesis Holy Herb. It will be of great help to me. I’m going

to try to obtain it. If an opportunity doesn’t arise, I’ll leave to reunite with you


James waved his hand, summoned a few inscriptions, and handed them to his


“Keep these inscriptions so I can locate you guys.”

Taran said worriedly, “How about just forgetting it, James? These two are

powerhouses at the Celestial Rank. It will not be easy to snatch the Genesis

Holy Herb from them. If you’re careless, you’ll die.”

King Marciais chipped in, saying, “He’s right. We’ve already arrived in the

Central Plane. It’s a vast and boundless place. There are countless other

treasures here. I’m sure we’ll have the chance to acquire them in the future.”

Everyone tried to dissuade James out of it.

James said smilingly, “I won’t act recklessly and will back out if it’s too much to


Since James insisted, the group stopped trying to convince him and left the


After they left, James was left alone. He did not immediately approach the

battlefield but stayed far away.

Even though he was far from the battlefield, he could sense the terrifying power

permeating the air. The fluctuations caused by their power would instantly

obliterate him if he got close to the battlefield.

“How am I going to do this?” James was at a loss.

A Genesis Holy Herb was hard to come by, so even powerhouses at the

Celestial Rank desperately fought over it.

James knew his cultivation rank would shoot up to at least the Sovereign Sixth

Rank if he obtained the Genesis Holy Herb, and it would save him a lot of time.

“I wonder if the name Lord Supremus still has influence in the Central Plane. But

if I use the name Lord Supremus, then news about being reincarnated would

spread. It’ll attract a lot of my enemies, and it’ll be troublesome.”

James was in a dilemma. He weighed the pros and cons. Ultimately, he decided

to take the risk. The Genesis Holy Herb was too enticing as it would save him

countless years of hard work.

He watched the fierce battle from a distance. The sky was split open, and the

surroundings were destroyed.

In the Central Plane, a powerhouse at the Sovereign Rank could not tear apart

the void. The fact these two powerhouses at battle could cause so much

damage spoke volumes about their strength.

The battle lasted for a while. Soon, the shock waves gradually subsided.

James had been secretly paying attention to the battle. Both powerhouses were

unable to gain the upper hand against each other.

After the battle’s shockwaves subsided, James slowly approached the


The Genesis Holy Herb floated in the void ahead of him. It was a lotus flower

with nine colorful petals.

A man and woman could be seen treating their injuries near the Genesis Holy


The middle-aged man was disheveled and injured. On the other hand, the

woman had a hand severed and was also in a terrible state.

“Who’s there?”

The two sensed James’ presence and immediately stared in his direction warily.

James slowly stepped through the void and approached them.


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