The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5193

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5193-Some of the participants in front had walked toward the glowing wall and

entered the formation. They instantly felt an immense pressure pushing down

on their bodies.

Still, almost all of them had no trouble moving through the formation since they

were mostly skilled and experienced cultivators.

Some cultivators who tried to follow behind them were blocked outside the wall

as they were not strong enough to pass through the formation.

When it was time for James and his team members to attempt the second test,

they could sense a strange energy within the formation. The energy sealed off

all of their powers including the bloodline power and soul power.

Simultaneously, an overwhelming pressure came down upon them.

Fortunately, they had trained their bodies to achieve the level of strength and

powers to match their cultivation ranks. All of them managed to pass through the

formation without a hitch.

“We’ve passed the second test!”

King Marciais chuckled the instant he had stepped out of the formation. “We will

qualify to become the Dieux Academy’s low-ranking disciples if we pass the next

test too.”

Taran responded, “We should try to complete as many tests as we can.”

Gurgen said, “We have a very slim chance at winning the top few places among

such fierce competition. Nevertheless, I think we are capable of passing all nine

tests and becoming elite members of the Dieux Academy.”

Gaius agreed, “Judging by the first two tests’ difficulty level, we should have no

issue completing the remaining seven tests.”


James nodded in agreement.

All of them had entered the early stage of Sovereign Third Rank, which was

enough to help them become Dieux Academy’s elite members.

Soon afterward, they arrived before another wall of light containing a different


King Marciais asked, “What is this about?”

James replied, “This test is an assessment of the cultivators’ soul power.

Cultivators who possess an adequate amount of soul power will be able to pass


James and his companions each possessed excellent soul powers. Therefore,

moving through the third wall was a breeze forthem.

On the contrary, many cultivators did not make it through that test as most of

them had neglected the importance of developing and improving their soul

power. Instead, those people focused solely on their cultivation training.

Eventually, James’ team and several other groups made it past the first three

tests and succeeded in becoming Dieux Academy’s low-ranking members.

Suddenly, the participants found themselves being transported to a new

environment. All of them arrived somewhere near a tall mountain.


Just then, an elderly man in a gray robe materialized at the top of the mountain.

The man had a sagely air about him.

He let out a hearty laugh. “Congratulations to all of you who have made it past

the first three tests. You are now officially members of Dieux Academy. We

recognize each of you as our low-ranking disciples.”

“For those of you who wish to become regular members or elite members, you

will have to work harder.”

The man’s voice resounded through the grounds.

“I am sure all of you can see this mountain before you. The remaining six tests

will be conducted on this mountain, and participants are required to make it to

the peak of the mountain.”

“The time limit given is ten thousand years. Also, the first person to reach the

mountain top will receive a special reward. The contents of the reward will be

kept a secret for now. However, bear in mind that the reward offered by us, the

Dieux Academy, is no ordinary reward.”


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