The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5200

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5200-James had no clue as to what would be offered to him as the reward for

finishing the nine tests first. However, the thing James needed the most was

items or resources to help with his cultivation training.

James knew that Dieux Academy would have access to an almost unlimited

amount of resources. Therefore, he wanted to try and request those resources

as a reward.

James asked straightforwardly, “Sir, can I ask for something that I need?”


The man was a respected elder from Dieux Academy named Salvius Bergen.

He was in charge of the recruitment of new members for the academy this time.

Salvius was also a competent cultivator whose cultivation rank had reached the

early stage of Martial Celestial Rank.

He smiled slightly and asked, “What is it that you need?”

James replied without the slightest bit of hesitation, “I need resources to help

with my training and cultivation. I know that the Dieux Academy has control over

many planes, which include several eighth-level planes. I need the resources

from one of those eighth-level planes for an entrapoch.”


Salvius’ eyes bulged in shock. He bellowed at James, “You dared to ask for

something like that?!”

Meanwhile, Xhemal and Jorah had heard what James just said from the main

hall of Dieux Academy.

Xhemal laughed. ‘That human cultivator is quite interesting.”

Jorah agreed, saying, “Mhm. He’s asking us for an entrapoch’s worth of

resources from an eighth-level plane. Is he even aware of how much empyrean

herb that adds up to?”

“I hope Sir Salvius won’t somehow get persuaded by that man.”

“He mustn’t agree to that request!”

The other elders of Dieux Academy were vehemently against James’ request.

However, there was no way for them to warn Salvius since they were all waiting

in the outside world.

Similarly, the other participants were amused and taken aback upon hearing

James’ request.

The resources of an eighth-level plane for as long as an entrapoch were enough

to sustain and enhance several cultivators’ training.

They could hardly believe that a human cultivator who had only achieved the

Sovereign Third Rank would make such an unimaginable demand.

After a brief pause, Aurelius let out a chuckle. “He’s outright fearless.”

“Dieux Academy only has a few eighth-level planes under their command. They

have not once provided any of their disciples with that amount of resources

since their establishment.”

While the other participants were discussing fervently about that shocking

request, James’ team members were staring silently at James in astonishment.

They were also caught off-guard by James’ sudden demand.

Salvius fixed James with an intense gaze. He stroked his beard. “Do you

earnestly think you have what it takes to convince us, the Dieux Academy, to

provide that many resources to help with your training?”

“Of course,” James replied confidently, “Soon, Dieux Academy will earn a new

member of the Martial Celestial Rank in return.”

Salvius gave a low chuckle. “Why should I believe that?”

‘Well, I was the first to finish all nine tests.”

“You were lucky.”

“Nevertheless, I am the first person to finish the tests.”

The two of them went on bickering


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