The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1548

Chapter 1548

However, Sean and Zander were leaving, and Lennon Group had to be handed over to someone else.

Sean intended to hand it to Caitlyn. However, after spending some time with her for a while, Sean found that the girl had no management talent.

Besides, her character was unsuitable to run a company.

May could run it, but she had the new orphanage to run and would have her hands full if she had to run the entire Lennon Group too.

After much hesitation, Sean divided Lennon Group’s power and gave it to the heiress of the Lathan family -Chloe and May, allowing the two women to run it together.

He knew Chloe would never go after the Lennon Group’s property. As the heiress of the Lathan family, she

was generous.

Not to mention May, who was considered Sean’s adoptive mother. Sean’s fortune was hers, so there was nothing to worry about.

With all this in place, Sean and Zander prepared to leave Joules Town.

The weather was just right, and the sky was clear and blue.

A silver plane flew over the sky, leaving two lines of parallel contrails. It even looked a little poetic.

“Are you really going south? I heard that it’s under dispute in many countries. The situation there is complicated and chaotic.”

Chloe asked, a little worried.

May and Caitlyn came to the airport to see Sean and Zander off, but Sean did not expect Chloe to be

there too.

Chloe was standing in front of Sean with a worried expression.

However, Chloe’s concerns were not without reason.

Southern Clan was also known as the multinational alliance or the City-State Union.

The area of about two million square kilometers of hills and plains was located in the southern area of Dragon Kingdom, where hundreds of cities were all over it.

Most cities were a city and a country, which meant a city was a small country.

Therefore, hundreds of cities meant there were hundreds of small countries.

All these small cities joined together to form a multinational alliance, also known as the City-State Union. Dragon Kingdom’s citizens were used to calling it Southern Clan.

In addition to being located in the south, it was called Southern Clan because affluent families dominated the urban countries there.

Basically, there would be a super-rich family in each city, and this super-rich family was the main force that controlled the city or small country.

The City-State Union was chaotic because of this. It was chaotic to the extent that any Dragon Kingdom citizen could hardly imagine it.

Sean and Zander were headed to Southern Clan-also known as the City-State Union. Chloe felt uneasy. of course.

She did not have a strong bond with Sean, but she knew him after all. She did not want him to die in a disorderly place like that.

However, Sean smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. the City-State Union is chaotic, but the more chaotic, the better for me.”

“So that you can take advantage of the chaos?”

Chloe joked.

Sean nodded.

The City-State Union’s area was a complex and chaotic place where large-scale weapon fights and even wars happened daily.

It was awash with weapons and mercenaries. Every city had its own army, and the City-State Union was hostile to Dragon Kingdom.

In this case, Sean could find plenty of opportunities there.


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