The Legendary Man Chapter 1106

The Legendary Man Chapter 1106-While Seboxia didn’t need spiritual energy to battle, he was currently using Jonathan’s body and only had permission to use just that—his body.

He couldn’t actually control the flow of techniques in Jonathan’s body.

By that point, Joshua had wholly drained the spiritual energy in the environment. Under normal circumstances, when cultivators sensed the external spiritual energy was diminishing, they would seal their meridians and sever their connection with the environment.

It was to prevent their own spiritual energy from leaking into the world.

However, Seboxia couldn’t utilize Jonathan’s cultivation methods. Thus, spiritual energy was leaking out of Jonathan’s body like air coming out of a deflating balloon.

Jonathan’s body would become extremely weak if Seboxia couldn’t plug the leak in time, which would directly affect his combat prowess.

In fact, because of the link, it was likely Seboxia would be targeted by a heavenly trial again after a Pryncyp locked onto him.

He roared at Jonathan, who was dwelling deep in the spiritual sense. “Jonathan! I need you to seal your meridians!”

Moments later, it was as if Jonathan was woken up by an explosion. The senses he lost finally returned to him.

Reflexively, he tried to control his hands, but he couldn’t.

He hadn’t snatched the control of his body back. “Seboxia—”

“Stop wasting time and close your meridians. I didn’t wake you up to hand your body’s control back to you.” Seboxia’s cold voice rang in Jonathan’s mind. “Our current opponent is a Divine Realm cultivator. What do you think will happen if I hand the body back to you? If he didn’t underestimate me earlier, he wouldn’t have given me a chance to escape. The instant Ivanov detects your attempt to wrestle back control of your body, you’ll die.”

Jonathan’s latest status was unique. His body was like a vessel.

If he wanted to regain control of his body, he just needed to surface on the consciousness field.

However, Seboxia wasn’t handing full control back to him. In fact, he was still using his own vita to suppress Jonathan’s.

Therefore, Jonathan was currently locked in a state where he was half in control.

If Seboxia wanted to extinguish Jonathan’s vita, he could do it with a single thought.

Ultimately, Seboxia didn’t do that, and Jonathan cooperated with him. Using his newly restored control, Jonathan shut off the meridians in his body, severing his connection with the outside world.

Concurrently, Ivanov had lost interest in attacking Jonathan. Upon detecting the loss of spiritual energy, he turned to the south, the origin of the anomaly.

He leaped, thinking, There’s no way God Realm cultivators are capable of resisting a forbidden technique that drains all spiritual energy in such a wide area. While Avery and the others are destined to be sacrificed in the three-way conflict between the tsar, the Welsh family, and Sanctuary, those God Realm cultivators mustn’t die here. They’re still extremely useful in the battle of River Onxy.

Naturally, Seboxia and Jonathan weren’t going to allow Ivanov to just flee.

“If you can kill Ivanov, I promise I’ll do anything you want, Seboxia.” Despite being in a half-suppressed state, Jonathan could still converse with Seboxia.

Seboxia scoffed. “Your Cor has been broken, you don’t need to be afraid of going back against your word, and you’re not surviving a Divine Tribulation, so your promise to me means nothing. I’m merely chasing after Ivanov because I need someone to replenish the life force I’ve wasted. Besides, I’m curious to meet the person who drained all the spiritual energy from such a massive area at once.”

With the Pryncyp of Strength negating the effects of gravity, Ivanov traveled across hundreds of meters in a single leap.

Meanwhile, life flourished wherever Seboxia passed through. Every time he stepped on the barren land, his footprints would glow green before plants grew within its some ten-meter radius.

It was as though the two Divine Realm cultivators had reached a silent agreement. None of them attacked each other as they rushed toward Joshua’s location.

Under Karl’s leadership, Asura’s Office’s cultivators had become Remdik’s biggest obstacles.

The spirit warriors endlessly crashed into Avery’s group like ocean waves.

The God Realm cultivators view those below their cultivation level as mere ants.

Theoretically speaking, Precelestial Realm cultivators, the weakest cultivators, couldn’t win against God Realm Cultivators regardless of numbers.

However, theories were just that. Practically, even ants, with enough numbers, could kill an elephant.

The spirit warriors didn’t need to worry about spells. After all, Troop Summoner had sucked the spiritual energy in the area dry. So, they could easily overwhelm their much more powerful opponents.

Even by relying on Heavenly Pryncyp, it would still take a few hours to erase the gap in spiritual energy.

Any form of spiritual energy in the area would be forcefully siphoned by Heavenly Pryncyp and returned to the world.

The Remdikians, who had lost the ability to launch wide-range attacks, couldn’t defend themselves against the spirit warriors’ assault.

“Godd*mmit! I’ll cover you all! Retreat now!” roared Aidan as his body swelled in size. Two hideous gloves appeared on his hands before he smashed his fists onto the ground behind him.


Following Aidan’s growl, the ground trembled, and a dust storm formed.

The dozens of Precelestial Realm spirit warriors in front of Aidan were instantly destroyed by his attack.

However, right as those spirit warriors vanished, more charged toward him to fill in the void.

Meanwhile, Avery grabbed multiple spirit stones.

“Step away!” he yelled before crushing all the stones.

While the spirit stones weren’t high-grade, they were at least middle-grade and contained a lot of spiritual energy. After all of them were crushed simultaneously, the spiritual energy hiding within instantly spread outward.

Just as the spiritual energy was rapidly vanishing, Avery performed an odd gesture with both his hands.

“Die!” It was as if a ball of formless flame materialized between his hands.

The candlelight-like flame danced on Avery’s fingertips. Even though they seemed like they would extinguish at any moment, it was actually emitting haunting fluctuations.

When the Remdikian cultivators saw the fire in Avery’s hands, they promptly ignored the attacks from Karl’s group and stepped away. It was as if they had witnessed something terrifying.

Concurrently, Karl and the others had noticed the peculiar ball of flame in Avery’s hands.

They wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

At that moment, a Precelestial Realm spirit warrior charged toward Avery.

Instead of dodging, Avery raised his hand and pressed the nigh-extinguished flame into the spirit warrior’s body


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