The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1010

‘Something’s gone wrong. Something must’ve gone wrong!’
Fanny’s heart was pounding incredibly hard, and cold sweat trickled down his back. Checking the time, there was still twenty minutes until the clock struck twelve. He stood up abruptly and rushed out of his place.
The Johanssons at Maple Villa 8 didn’t pick up because they were way too shocked by what they saw.
Just a second ago, all of them watched as thirty one warriors lunged towards Alex and the others. They had really thought that Alex would be done for. The Duncan siblings thought so as well.
They were happy with this result. It didn’t matter if he could cure their grandfather’s stomach cancer; it didn’t even matter if he was the actual Grandmaster Alex. As long as he was dead, their grandfather couldn’t possibly put the blame on them.
‘As for his life…’
‘Others die from stomach cancer easily, so why aren’t you dead yet?’
Just then, the Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-Six floated in the air. Alex waved lightly, forming thirty one of them into killing rays of light. These were aimed at those warriors lunging at them.
In just a second, all of them were murdered.
‘What did we just see?’
Everyone except Aunt Rockefeller was appalled. They couldn’t believe that such powers existed in this world.
‘Was that how he kills people?’
‘That was almost as easy as slaughtering livestock!’
‘Is this man some type of god?’
The rest of the warriors started trembling in fear, realizing how they had almost suffered the same fate.
‘What do we do?’
‘Should we keep fighting? Or should we retreat?’
All of them looked at one another.
The rest of the 469 warriors didn’t dare to take another step. They knew they would just be asking for death if they did. At that moment, everyone fell silent, not even daring to breathe too loud.
The Duncan siblings fell to the ground, unable to crawl back up to their feet.
All they could think of was…
‘It’s true! Grandpa wasn’t lying!’
‘This grandmaster Alex can call for lightning with his hand! He can kill evil spirits with ease as well!’
They finally realized this when they saw him murdering all thirty one warriors with his Dragon‘s Bane of Thirty-Six.
‘He’s a godlike being!’
Alex immediately collected the thirty one swords and merged them with the other five, making them disappear into thin air. His head felt an immensely sharp pain, a side effect of using the Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-Six.
Alex hadn’t really mastered any of the formation blueprints for all thirty-six swords. Hence, he merely forced himself into controlling them, draining his energy and mental power in the process.
Aunt Rockefeller came to his side and placed her palm on his lower back, inserting a large amount of spiritual power into his body.
She whispered, “You’re pretty weak, Alex. You’re already drained after using it once? How could you handle that many women around you then? I’m worried.”
After a brief while, an old man rushed over to the villa, stumbling slightly.
It was Fanny, the head of the Johansson family.
As a Mystic-ranked fighter, he had spent all his strength running over, causing him to pant profusely. Despite doing all of this, all of his Mystic-ranked fighters still ended up murdered before he could arrive.
He knelt to the ground, crying hysterically.


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