The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1011

‘Dead! They’re all dead!’
‘The Johansson family has endured silently for twenty years and spent countless efforts and financial resources to produce thirty-one Mystic ranked martial artists. They are the future of the Johansson family. They’re what everyone in the Johansson family aspires to become.’
‘At first, I thought today would be a huge step forward to greater glory, but I didn’t expect it to be a flash in the pan!’ Fanny Johansson felt deeply frustrated as tears started streaming down his face.
He couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.
At this moment, the pressure around Danial Johansson’s body finally disappeared. After letting out a loud, fierce roar, he realized that he had regained his freedom, followed closely by an unstoppable psychogenic tremor.
He felt fear in his heart but more of resentment.
Thirty-one Mystic ranked martial artists had died in the blink of an eye. These people had spent most of their days with him. He had trained them and watched them grow slowly. And, he also entrusted them with great responsibilities.
Logan Goldman, especially, was his adopted brother.
“You… You’ve got a lot of guts. You dared to do such a heartless thing in the peaceful world under broad daylight. They are thirty one living beings but thirty one not ants. A murderous demon like you must be punished by law!” Danial said angrily.
Since he couldn’t defeat him with martial arts, he thought of using the law against his enemy.
“Danial, are you alright now? What happened to you just now? I was terrified,” Krystal Packwood said as she tugged at Danial.
“I’m fine!” Danial uttered.
Krystal let out a sigh of relief and immediately turned around to aim her gun at Alex. “Indeed, this fellow is a murderous demon. We live in a society ruled by law, and the country is governed by law. Since he had the guts to kill people, he must be brought to justice! Timothy, your father is Mayor Summers, and your uncle is from Divine Constabulary. Hurry up and call them. Such a villainous criminal has appeared in California. How could we just sit idly by? Ordinary lives like ours are under serious threat. We can only seek protection from the officials.”
These people normally behaved like they were better than everyone else.
They were the only ones who could bully other people.
Now that they had suffered a huge loss in Alex’s hand, so they naturally wanted to find ways to exact revenge. The law had become their weapon of choice at this point
Timothy Summers’s mouth twitched slightly.
When the Johansson family previously sent five hundred Golden Dragon Warriors over, Timothy had already mentioned it to his father. The officials basically chose to turn a blind eye over this matter and would not intervene. Nobody expected things to have taken such a drastic turn. After the Johansson family suffered a huge loss, they now needed to ask the officials for help.
This was a very difficult phone call to make.
Once he made the call, his father would be embarrassed.
After thinking about it for a moment, Timothy called his second uncle, Ted Summers. Ted was a member of Divine Constabulary. Now that thirty one Mystic ranked martial artists were dead, this was a matter within the scope of their duties.
The phone call went through quickly.
Ted’s voice came from the phone. “Timothy, what’s up?”
“Second Uncle, something major happened. Thirty one Mystic ranked martial artists died… One person did it. He’s very arrogant, and he’s simply the spawn of Satan… Bring the best fighters you have right now. Make sure they are fully armed. It’d be best if you have powerful modern weapons…” Just as Timothy was speaking hastily, he was slapped hard across the face.
The person who slapped Timothy was none other than Alex.
As soon as the slap was landed, the rest of the Johanssons had gloating expressions on their faces.
They nearly clapped their hands and cheered.
Timothy was the mayor Johnny Summers’s only son, and his mother even doted on him to the extreme. They couldn’t even stand Timothy being mistreated ever so slightly, let alone get slapped publicly. When the time came, the Summers family would definitely look for trouble with Alex.
It would be best if they both started to fight. It would be even better if Alex killed Johnny.
Killing the mayor of a city was a major crime. It was akin to going against the American government. Then, the national security apparatus would definitely be deployed. Even if Alex was very good in martial arts and his sorcery was sophisticated, there was no way he could defeat the state’s gunpower.
The situation had indeed developed toward the expectation of Danial, Ronald Johansson and the others. After Alex slapped Timothy across his face, there was an immediate backlash of a high degree.
Timothy stared at Alex and said angrily, “How dare you slap me? Do you know who I am?”


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